Steppy Pants Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Steppy Pants Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Steppy Pants cheats to skip purchasing new avatars and use them for free.

Steppy Pants was released on 28 November 2016, the game was created and developed by S Games Pty Ltd.

Steppy Pants is now available for free to download on all the Android devices with firmware of 3.0 and higher through Google Play, the game is also available for free at the Appstore for all the IOS devices, however there are in app purchases which you can buy them for real money purchasing new items that you can wear as you can now change your pants, tops and your head, with the help of the Steppy Pants cheats you can try them for free.


Beautiful, fun and fast game to play.

Whole point of the game and its main is that you can travel as much distance as you can, and try to avoid the obstacles as do not step on the dynamite as there are lots of TNT on the street so avoid pressing on it with both legs, there are more obstacles to go through and you will face it soon enough as you seek for always for more, such as when you cross the street you have to focus on the cracks in the road, as well as the cars while you cross the street, you can always get the help need through the game from the Steppy Pants cheats, also try to step on the slap itself without standing in the edge of the slab, as do not stand on the break between two slabs because you will lose immediately.


Steppy Pants Tips

Fast gameplay is always relaxing.

When you start the game you will immediately play as you can tap anywhere to start walking, hold for longer step, hold your finger in your device’s screen for a bigger step, but not too much as you will fall and lose immediately, You can check the game review for more data.


Try to always achieve new high scores to be added in the Leaderboards.

Claim the free rewards as a delivery package that you will be given every certain amount of time, to get help try the Steppy Pants hack to provide you with the help needed, as always seek for glory as you try to get always new high score to be added in the leaderboards with the best score or even the distance reached in each level you play.

Steppy Pants Guide

Focus and calculate in your mind the wide of your step.

Try to calculate the step and the amount of time that you will have to press in order to step on the right spot that you want, do not forget that you have the move only one leg at the time, as the Steppy Pants tips will tell you that because lots of players forget that and focus only on the right or the left leg.


Always seek for the checkpoints.

Try again and again to make new record, and the Steppy Pants guide tell you to seek always for the check points, as these check points you can begin the game from it, and every time you reach a new check point you will begin from there at the next time you play Steppy Pants.


Use Steppy Pants hack to get the best custom for you.

when you feel bored, or when are waiting for something and you want to waste your time but in something fun, Steppy Pants is the answer as you can play it to change your mood immediately, and do not forget to get access to the Steppy Pants store as you can now wear a badge such as the four leafs, or the steppy general, or even the high noon or the seafarer and the thousand words, you can also change your pants from the skeleton that you begin with to the moneybags which is not available from the prize machine, and you only have to purchase it by real money, or you can always get the help from Steppy Pants hack, or you can just choose to be a zombie.

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