Stars of Ravahla Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Stars of Ravahla Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Jump into “Ravahla”, a world once honored by the divine beings, yet now surrendered and broke.

Summon the old Ravalian saints to go to your guide, battle against the underhandedness, and recover the magnificence of Ravahla! The enterprise currently begins in your grasp.

– Visuals

Completely enlivened adversaries anticipate your test. Hold your breath and look for their moves, for they will assault you in the following second.



– Lore

Find the legend of Ravahlian saints, and the fantasy of group of stars behind them.

– Unique Gameplay

Take part in the epic fight with a flick of your finger, avoid and assault in one move!

Ascend! Turn the wheel of destiny, and may the starlight of Ravahla favor you.

Ravahla is a great land favored by divine beings. In any case, this world has been relinquished, it is destroy. You have to summon the incredible saints of Ravahla and convey them to the fights and recover the greatness of the land. You can unite the epic fights with only one finger. In which, you can control the legends and assault the beasts with the least complex moves. You can likewise turn the wheel of destiny and enable the legends. The amusement without a doubt brings more extraordinary gaming background. Have a fabulous time diversion!

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