Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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An outstanding game that was created especially for the players whom are fans of the famous star wars trilogy, as you will be given missions to go through the characters and robots of the series but in the style of the swipe and match, this is not an RPG or a MOBA game so you should be aware of such a thing before you jump in, also do not forget the most important thing that will provide loads of assistant in there between the missions which is the Star Wars Puzzle Droids cheats, get it to use the gems for the necessary upgrades and purchases.

Star Wars Puzzle Droids was created and published by “Disney” company which is way too famous that we cannot actually speak any more about it, and they have made it available across many platforms and of course the Android and IOS are included.

A Perfect Storyline That Matches Every Part of the Game.

What is that BB-8? you are missing some of your memories? and I suppose it is up to me to sort everything out! as usual!

That was the starting scene of the game which was preparing you to proceed into the actual gameplay, and with the current Star Wars Puzzle Droids guide that is provided by our professional team then you will get to understand everything clearly and become able to play the game without having to spend extra minutes trying to figure out how the game is played, just download it and head right to the first mission instantly.

Now, in order to find the memory that was lost previously we will be looking for it in the BB-8`s archive system and that is a very complicated process since the BB is actually a robot that doesn’t have a brain or anything similar to the organs that we do have, that is why you must be very sensitive with your moves and understand the whole process from us.



Gameplay in Depth.

After finishing reading this part you will be able to do any research with simple steps and you will never fail in doing it once more, now getting back to the game.

Your main goal is to swipe 3 circuits of the same color together and once they are matched they will be demolished and giving you a hint for the memory of the BB-8, do this swiping action with a single finger but remember that the circuits are only able to move one block away from its current position, so you cannot do it globally all over the map, but at first try to activate the Star Wars Puzzle Droids cheats.

keep on matching the circuits of the same colors together in order to solve the first problem but you must be aware of that, this will not end the entire problem it will only take you into a much complicated and improved puzzle of circuits which would require harder work from your side, and that is why you should be thinking of other solutions other than swiping randomly any three circuits together.

Here are our most valuable Star Wars Puzzle Droids tips that we have gathered after hours of the playing time so you must appreciate such a thing be happy for putting these tips out into the light.

A Full List of the Power Ups Usages.

Your second step should be always focusing on matching 4 circuits together in a straight line as doing such a thing will result in a creation of a Power surge, the power surge is something that we do love to call it a power up since it is a special item and could only be created or obtained in under certain conditions, so you should know that the power surge once it is matched with any three circuits of the same color as it is, it will simply destroy the entire row or a column depending on the matching figure.

you Can get more of these power ups easily but you must become a verified user of the Star Wars Puzzle Droids cheats and all of these items will wait for your command under your hand, moving next to something bigger and much improved over the power surge which is called the Electroshock special, it will be created if you only managed to match 5 circuits in a T or L shape and that is a very hard thing to do in the complicated maps.



The Electroshock Power.

Try to match now the created Electroshock to clear all eight circuits around it, this is a very powerful power up that we actually have a huge respect for it, but now we will be jumping into the goals and missions of the game as we can expect you are ready to enter the game and do great performances without the help of our side, Take a look at the top where you will be able to find your Goal counter, you must match the given many circuits together in order to get the level completed and no matter what you are doing if you have never matched the given goal then the level will not be completed even if your score was way too high, that is why you need to be focused and short on your moves do not waste it.

Right next to the goal counter you can find the given moves count down as well, so once you run out of the moves and you didn’t match the given goal yet, then you will be dropped out as a loser and will have to restart all over again once more, that is something we do not accept to see it happening to our users that is why we have recommended you to get the Star Wars Puzzle Droids hack, you will learn more about it over here.

Get The Star Wars Puzzle Droids Hack to Ensure That You Are Reaching Your Goals in The Given Time.

So now this was the first mission and now you have learnt all the basics around the game plus you have managed to retrieve back the memory of the BB-8 successfully, receive rewards for completing each mission and you can actually check out for the reward before entering the mission, but we have noticed that we didn’t mention all of the power ups which are available at the game, and it is our duty to get them covered completely, let’s start with the magnet special which will only get to appear if you matched 4 circuits in a square figure, this magnet can clear one circuit or blocker the brings you closer to your goal, so try to match it as fast as possible and do not wait for anything else once it appears.

This type of missions is only available for a limited time and that is not how the regular game looks like but you must be ready for anything that would be thrown at you, get the Star Wars Puzzle Droids hack to improve your chances of completing the given missions in a very limited time as the hack will grant you the power of purchasing any upgrade or booster thanks to the big amounts of Gems.

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