Star Wars Force Arena Cheats, Hack, Tips & Free Crystals

Star Wars Force Arena Cheats, Hack, Tips & Free Crystals

Star Wars Force Arena Cheats Are The Quickest Way To The Crystals!

Star Wars Force Arena Cheats And Hack finally arrived with many features, Now you can get unlimited free Crystals without need to spend real cash or much time, just couple of clicks on the right spots get it all done,  Every Star Wars fan has been waiting for this game since forever, especially after the great announcement that came from the two giants “Netmarble Game” and “Lucasfilm”, the game is available to download and play for free on your Android Or the IOS powered devices, it is mostly compatible with every device specification it doesn’t ask for much, and it is considered to be a real time PVP game, since you will get to start playing against another players from all over the world online, so make sure you are using the Star Wars Force Arena Cheats from here in order to generate yourself unlimited amount of Crystals!


Game Basics!

As soon as you enter the game, your faction will detect an imperial activity, your mission is to move your leader Luke Skywalker to the battlefield, now the game is going to give you a quick brief about the controls and how they work but actually the first few minutes at the game is more like a tutorial but it is built inside the game story, so that is considered to be a very unique style of its own which we did like it, so now since this Star Wars Force Arena Guide is all about providing free Star Wars Force Arena Tips we are going to discuss the movement and controls right now, they are very simple and can be easily mastered.

Simple Controls for Fast Adapting!

Now in order to move your hero you have to simply click on the ground one time then the hero will start moving to the desired location automatically, and if you were in hurry and want to reach the destination much faster all you need to do is to double tap on the location and the character will start sprinting, now the controls at the combats are easy as well, but make sure you are using our Star Wars Force Arena cheats in order to dominate every single battle you are entering even without getting used to the combat controls fully, now back the combat controls, tap on the enemy target that you wish to destroy and the hero will start attacking it automatically until it is destroyed, now after eliminating the first wave of the enemies you will get to meet the reinforcements but that is not a big deal, since you are having this amazing skill, you can simply unleash it by tapping on it, then your leader will deal a great damage to the opponents, but once you activate it once, you will have to wait for it until it cools down before re using it again.


Learn How And When To Deploy Your Troops!


Now we will proceed to the second stage of the game tutorial, you will start learning about how to use cards, since no battle was ever won by a single person, so now you will start deploying your squad to support and provide assistance it the battle, you will find at the right corner squad cards, in order to use any card there will be an energy points cost, but do not worry they will start recharging by 1 point every three seconds, also start using Star Wars Force Arena Cheats in order to know when to start casting your cards during the battle time.


Star Wars Force Arena Hack TO Unlock the Strongest Cards In The game!

The enemy army has many different military types, so you need to adapt to the battle system and learn how to counter each soldier on the enemy`s side, at some stage of the game you will get to face snipers, those sharpshooters can wipe out your units from a distance, get in close to take away their advantage, and also try using rebel honor guards, they  are tough melee units that are very effective in defeating enemy snipers, make sure you are deploying their cards close to the snipers as possible, now once the battle starts to get harder, you will need to use the support cards, these cards can come in handy in order to defeat a large group of enemies, you can also get a unlimited numbers of support cards by using Star Wars Force Arena Hack, now let’s get back to the combat scene, call in an X wing since its strafing runs are devastating to infantry units.


Follow The Quest Line!

You need to pay attention to the battle ground, there are some blue turrets, they will help you to defend and provide security to the shield generators, the shield generator missions is to protect your base, and once this shield is destroyed the battle is lost, and on the other side there are the same buildings but they do belong to your enemy, and you have to destroy the enemy`s turrets in order to have enough and larger space for calling in your reinforcements, your goal is to destroy the enemy shield generator and that is how you are going to win the battle, but you can become much stronger and upgrade your squad by using the Star Wars Force Arena Hack, which will help you get big numbers of crystals.


Destroy The Enemy`s Generators In Order To Win!

Once the battle starts for real, there will be a path that leads to the enemy side, so make sure you are deploying your troops on the path and also follow them through it, be careful because turrets are very strong so in order to destroy them make sure you are sending the squad units first to keep the leader safe, or use the Star Wars Force Arena Hack to get enough crystals to upgrade your current army to be able to stand in front of the turrets, be noted that you cannot deploy units in the red area, which is the close quarters to the turrets, once the turret is destroyed you will be free to deploy in this area, but with the help from our Star Wars Force Arena Cheats you will be able to start deploying your troops in anywhere you desire without any limitation, which will save you the effort and the space your soldier will have to move until they reach the turret in order to destroy it.

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