Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

We had a fantasy, we made a guarantee. It’s at last incident.”

*10 seconds to liftoff*

“Regardless of what it takes, I’m prepared.”

Stella is going to set out on a voyage like no other and she is resolved to make it. Space is a hurricane of questions and she has no clue what’s in store. It’s a long voyage and you’re the special case who can help her on this inconceivable mission!

Will Stella have the capacity to satisfy the guarantee of a lifetime?

Star Tap is a sit out of gear space clicker where you take after Stella’s voyage into space and past, as she endeavors to travel where nobody has been some time recently. Go on the voyage of a lifetime to planets, star groupings, cosmic systems and the sky is the limit from there!

Go to Real Planets, Constellations and Galaxies

Star Tap includes genuine goals in the space.



– Planets in Solar System ( Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus )

– Constellations and Zodiac signs ( Aquarius, Pisces, Leo, Orion, Taurus )

– Galaxies ( Andromeda Galaxy, Whirlpool Galaxy, Pinwheel Galaxy )

Tap to help speed

Tapping will expand travel speed and diminish ETA. (Evaluated Time of Arrival)

The higher the speed, the quicker you will land at the following turning point.

Assemble Drones to gather sit without moving assets

Increment sit still asset accumulation by building and updating Drones! The automatons work steadily notwithstanding when you are away!

Redesign Shuttle Abilities and go further

Redesign and open diverse capacities to help in the space travel!

Initiate puzzling force that redetermines Stella’s destiny

Start back at Earth and begin the space travel again with new and all the more capable headways!

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