SpaceTapTap Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

SpaceTapTap Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

By using the SpaceTapTap cheats, you can now get brands new spaceships!

SpaceTapTap is released on 12 June 2017, as the game was created and developed by Mine Hyak Cho.

SpaceTapTap is now available for free to download through the App Store after a long time on the all the Apple devices starting from IOS only 6.0 and higher, as the game is compatible with IPhone, IPad and IPod touch.

Get it in Android devices too

SpaceTapTap is a safe game for your children to play, as it is only rated for four plus, and it is easy to be learned, but watch out as the game contain in game purchases, as you can buy gems for real cash, to get new spaceships, or you can get your hands on the SpaceTapTap cheats and get free gems as always.

The fast you play, the more times that you will play.

When you first open SpaceTapTap for the first time on your mobile device, you will be surprised with this game, as the game is perfectly designed and it is so simple too.

You can make SpaceTapTap a very fast game, as you can start an instantly game just by tapping on tap to start button which is written in violet on the main menu of the game, as a rocket is trapped in a glass box and locked from the top of it, then when you tap on tap to start the button, the box will be opened and the rocket will start and fly automatically and escape from the box.

Keep focused and avoid the obstacles!

You are in the deep space, and you seek to an escape from this world, so you will face lots of obstacles on your way out, as there are many rocks that you will need to avoid them, and also you can not touch the sides of your screen with the rocket, as it will going to crush immediately.



Keep smashing your high score until your reach one that your friends can not reach!

Your main goal is to reach as far as you can from your start point, as every meter will be counted on your way out to the outer space, seeking for your freedom, the SpaceTapTap guide will list your highest score and save it, and it will appear to you all the times, as they believes that this will give you the right motive to try to beat your previous highs score into a bigger one indeed.

You can share you high score, try and begin to compete with your friends and family, as they will try to beat your high score and you will try to beat theirs.

Collecting gems is also a priority!

Do not just focus on running to perform a high score and show it to your friends, you can also admire them by getting a brand new space ship.

There are gems at your way out in the deep space, and you have to collect them, then from the main menu, you can get the access to the game’ shop and get the rookie rocker for fifteen gems, then there is the galaxy rocket which you can unlock it for fifty gems, then after that comes the jet rocker which will cost you  a hundred and fifty gems, then the great toothpaste for three hundred gems, then there is the creamy for a whole of five hundred gems, and so more.

As you can get and buy gems from the game store, or you can just relief your mind and get the SpaceTapTap cheats to get the needed gems for free.

Get free gems using the SpaceTapTap hack.

The first tip that the SpaceTapTap tips will offer you, is to play the game more and more until you are perfectly fast in it, then after that compete with your friends to beat them easily, and you can use the SpaceTapTap hack to get free gems.


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