Soul Seeker Cheats, Hack And Tips To Free Packages

Soul Seeker Cheats, Hack And Tips To Free Packages

Soul Seeker Cheats TO Get Unlimited Number of Gems!

A thrilling role playing game, that is giving you the chance to start playing with a big number of heroes form different classes, and connect the game to the internet to start playing online with players from all over the world for one cause, which is to become the strongest warrior out there, start forming clans and make friends and enemies join wars, enter dungeons, start fighting side by side, the game is available to download on the Android and IOS and it is free to download, but for now make sure you are using Soul Seeker cheats which you will be able to find right here in our article and it will serve the purpose to help you to start generating all the gems you ever wanted to progress in the game.


Quick Game Walkthrough!

Now we are going here to talk more about the game and discuss every single small detail here in our beloved Soul Seeker guide, so make sure you are reading it carefully since we usually provide into our articles some awesome free Soul Seeker tips to help you to improve your gameplay experience and avoid the common mistakes that every single new beginner falls in at his first few minutes during playing the game, now a step by step your registrations process will be explained here, now you have started the game and the game is offering you to choose between many different classes



Learn The Best Class for Your Play style!

The game has started and you are given the opportunity to choose your character details that you are going to join battles with and this character will get bonded to you somehow so make sure you are not messing this part up, the first class we going to discuss here is the hellfire lien, it has 4 unique skills that makes her strong and hard to defeat, the first one is called hell guard and it works by summoning the hell guard monsters to start attacking multiple enemies at the same time, the second one is called “Burn” and this skills is kind of unique since it inflicts burn damage to the attacked enemy with a fixed chance, in other words if this hero is attacking you the chance your body gets burnt is very high when this skill is activate but still it has its own probability, the burn will add extra damage output to this class attacks, the third is the all-round supporter, this skill works by increasing the leader ability yin finding the balance between the party members, the last one in this class is the awakened skill this will give you a random 7 stars awakened skill but it differs which one you going to receive, now we been talking about the pros only, but the cons of this class or in other words the method to take it down which you will be finding in right here in our Soul Seeker Cheats so make sure you are using it.


Start Using Soul Seeker Hack To Progress Even Further In The Game!

Here we going to give you the optimal way to progress in the game as a beginner and totally starter who has zero background about the game by using the Soul Seeker cheats which will enable you to get the latest heroes available, the biggest tip we going to give to any beginner at the game is to choose a melee hero to play with, because the melee targets can attack while moving and jumping this will give you more felicity you been looking for as a beginner since you do not have the perfect one shot aim controlling yet, and also you can start dodge many attacks by attacking while running around, also your damage output are AOF, in other words they are the attack types that affects a larger place of battle and can deal damage to multiple targets at once, our recommendation to you now and the best hero that will work the best with our Soul Seeker cheats, is the Sky Fury hero, this hero has many pros and cons we will be discussing later on here.

Understand The Game Basics!

Now since we suggested a hero to start playing with at the first moment of the game, now the time has come to give you the reasons to start playing with, this hero has 4 unique attacking skills, first one is called celestial wings, and this will start dealing your normal damage by adding an amplifier and letting your hero fly in the sky and start dealing multiple attacks to the desired target, and at tough situations you can do some survival mode skills which will start transferring some of your damage and attack in the favor of your defense in order to improve your overall health points and leading skills to become immortal, also knowing that using the Soul Seeker hack will start to grant you many awesome gems that includes unlocking many different and awesome prizes.


Invite Your Friends TO Join You!

Now we are going to give you a one awesome tip that will come in handy, once you start playing the game you might be starting to make many different classes and keep testing out until you find the hero you feel comfortable with, but there is something you need to do first before finding the hero you enjoy playing with, you need to get each single hero you have to pass the level 30, because after passing this stage of level you will be recovering a decent amount of gems which you can start using it for withdrawing heroes or upgrading the current ones we will get back to the gems part later one, but you should understand you can substitute this options and save yourself the effort and start using the Soul Seeker hack to generate yourself all the gems you ever wanted.




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