The Soul INTL Cheats, Hack And Tips [Guide]

The Soul INTL Cheats, Hack And Tips [Guide]

Use The Soul INTL  Cheats TO Get Unlimited Amount Of Resources!

Start Collecting the Souls INTL of the Legendary Chinese Generals and mix them with the right skills to start generating your own Game Story!

Enjoy the quality graphics and characters, plus the outstanding animating effects, this is the next level of the RPG games which are coming to the mobile devices, the game is offering a variant of playable game modes to choose from, also you can enjoy the unlimited amount of new weapons and test them out in the training area, which allows you to work on upgrading and updating your gearing system to be able to compete in the real battle world, the last thing we are going to include to you here in this first quick view over the game, we are glad to announce that we created The Soul INTL Hack to help you to generate all the resources you want, and it will be sent to your account instantly as a gift to keep it off the eyes, having this huge amount of resources will enable you to become one of the strongest warriors out there so to make sure you are going to spend it wisely, you can still follow our The Soul INTL  cheats that we are providing here in this article.


Let the Battle Begins!

Once the game starts it will ask you to enter your character name that you are going to start fighting with, and the next screen will be the class choice you are going to select from two offered character one male character which is the warrior, and on the right side of the screen there is the female one which has the class name is Assassin, now you need to start following are The Soul INTL Cheats in order to understand every small piece about the game, and know which class you should be sleeting to save yourself the effort and the time as well.


Use Our “The Soul INTL  Cheats” To Dominate The Scene!

Now we are going to explain the Assassin pros and cons to let you know which one will suit you the best during your playtime at the game, the main weapon of this class it eh Twin Swords, and now we will give you a quick over view of this class story, when the assassin was young, her parents were killed by bandits and she was saved by a group of soldiers who taught her the art of war, after years of training and mastering the art of using twin swords, she travels the lands to save another child from suffering her fate, now since you know the story behind this character time has come to understand the major abilities of the weapon, this class can deal some powerful one hit attacks and it is recommended for the players who have some previous experience with the game, but the last part can be ignored since you are using our The Soul INTL cheats that will give you all the experience you want without even playing the game.


Use The Soul INTL Hack TO Master Out The Warrior Class!

Now we are going to discuss the second class of the game which is the Warrior, the story behind him is simple and plain, he was born to a humble family, he dreams of becoming a hero, while proving his worth in the battlefield, he encounters a mysterious army of immortals who destroys his unit, his own life is saved thanks to a Taoist priest, the priest teaches him ancient Taoist magic, and he sets out on a journey to find the souls of heroes who can help him defeat Zhang Joe, now let us talk about the main class powers, which means makes this class very powerful against the melee creatures and it is simple and easy to learn, we do recommend this game to the beginners of the game, and you can combine your skills with this class with our The Soul INTL hack to generate all the resources you want in the game, and become the strongest.


Read The Soul INTL Tips To Dodge The Obstacles!

Now let me give you a quick view over the game controls and settings, now at the bottom right corner there are the attacking skills, and it can hold up to 5 skills and one normal attack which makes them 6 in total, and on the other side is the controlling pad, and on the top left corner the hit points bar and stamina one, once you run out of the hit points you will die eventually, but you can start using some health potions that will help you to recover from attacks, but you are going to need resources to purchase them so you can simply use our The Soul INTL  hack to generate all the resources you want to make the game play much smoother.


Invite Your Friends TO Join Your Army!

Since we consider this article as a The Soul (Intl) guide to understand every small aspect about the game, so we do recommend you to start inviting your friends from all over the world to join your army, and create a clan, maybe play against the natural creatures, and enter dungeons together and clear it out, fight new bosses and earn some prices and rewards after clearing each one, there is a nice sharing system as well, or you can go into the next level of the competition to start fighting against each other in a dual mode that you can start by sending your friend an invitation asking him to accept the duel, or you can start playing now with simple one click with another 7 players from all over the world in a 1 vs. 8 free for all mode which we find the most entertaining one, and you need to realize that you are using our The Soul (Intl) Cheats which will enable you to have the edge over them easily.

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