My Shelf Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

My Shelf Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Your story starts here!

Wanna appreciate living on grounds with astounding companions?

Wanna discover love with the bafflingly tricking vampire?

The decision is yours!

The more astute your decision is, the all the more intriguing your story gets.

You can never put your telephone down as these week by week included stories make you voracious!

◆Campus Hacker◆

Alice the partygoer and Faith the surprising are your flat mates.

At the point when Norman the football player chooses to move in to your level, things get somewhat insane…

– Norman the football player, Peter the gamer, and Dean the yearning performing artist are the applicants. Who can influence you to become hopelessly enamored?

– Problems at home can be illuminated if your decision is right.

– Your decision of an answer likewise influence your companionship and their lives. It’s comment while picking a choice.

◆Untold Darkness◆

Alex St. Cyr is an individual from the well known on-grounds living arrangement the House St. Cyr.

In transit home after a gathering, you witness a young lady who gets assaulted by a man with blazing red eyes.

How does this episode influence your life?

Also, what are the privileged insights of the St. Cyr family?

– Sexy and brave young men like Alex and Max make the story all the more exciting!

– Solve the riddle of the St. Cyr family.

– Work hand and win the writer rivalry!


Your companion Daisy disappears when you come to meet a criminologist who has as of late moved in to town.

Carl the investigator and his right hand Stanley and also Troy the cohort need to enable you to find Daisy.



Will you prevail with regards to sparing Daisy?

Carl’s dim past gets uncovered as the pursuit gains a ground…

– Solve the riddle of Daisy’s missing case.

– Use your great memory to enable Stanley to find his missing thing.

– Disguise and go to a gathering to get the pickpocket!

◆Hit the Floor!◆

Most exceedingly terrible day ever! You lose employment and beau around the same time!

While meandering the city feeling horrible, you keep running into your ex Ken before a bar.

Recalling the great old circumstances, you choose to start from the very beginning.

– Work hard to sign the record bargain!

– David the maker, Adrian the musician, and Ken the ex. Who can sparkle you on the stage the most?


– Add stories week by week.

– Offer HQ realistic.

– Divide up into classes.

– Customize the look of a hero.

– Change storylines relying upon alternatives.

– Choose appearances relying upon events.

– Bookmark your most loved scene!

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