Samurai Fighting Cheats, Tips and Guide Free Coins

Samurai Fighting Cheats, Tips and Guide Free Coins

Samurai fighting Cheats is perfectly developed Android game with great visuals to free coins, in this game you are playing with Cheng if you are planning to follow the storyline otherwise you will have the freedom to choose between many different fighting characters and well trained, this game will recall all your childhood memories of the arcade fighting games.

Face your destiny and become a legend!

Get ready to get into a new world of the blade fighting style where you are playing as Cheng and you are a son of the famous warrior Kun who had a great reputation for his wisdom and winning fights from first round, and you are coming to follow his path and start being a great samurai and a talented and a powerful fighter in reign.

One night you will enter your house as Cheng to find out that your father was murdered and your brother Yoka is standing right next to him first thought that comes to your mind that Yoka your brother has killed but actually he did not, so you will start attacking him and trying to kill him to avenge your father’s death, but Yoka does not even try to hit you back and he just try to hold you back and he disappears at the nearest chance, leaving you confused and drowning in your own tears over the murderer of your father Kun.


Now you have found the real killer!

However you will start the story of the game and try to find Yoka and start fighting your way through since he was hiding in a dangerous place and you will try to beat off some people to get information about Yoka and his hiding location after a long period almost five years you will get to find Yoka living alone in an isolated mountain and training hard, eventually you will get to know that the real killer of your father is not Yoka , the killer was one of the strongest hell fighters in the world at this time his name was Shenka!

You will start training and start searching for Shenka after finding him you will relies that you are not strong enough and he can kill you as well.


Start Training to Be Able to kill The Hell Warrior!

Now the time has come to avenge your father’s murder but you are not strong enough in Samurai Fighting Chen Spirit you are having the ability to start doing Trainings and start buying new gears and learn new skills in the training room section also all the fights you get into through searching for Yoka or Shenka they help you to become a better warrior and stronger every time you win a fight you get to unlock new spirit and new skill and earn some gold coins which you can use them to unlock new features at the game.

This game is free to play and download so get ready and invite your friends to help you to avenge your father’s murderer!


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