RPG Fairy ELEMENTS Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

RPG Fairy ELEMENTS Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

RPG Fairy ELEMENTS Cheats in Order to Obtain Extra Coins and Other Resources.

A “KEMCO” Role playing game, has finally made its way to the mobile platforms, you can start downloading it for free now on your IOS or Android powered devices, join Yamato in his journey of defeating the Dominus clan, bring peace back to the world, discover new places right in RPG Fairy Elements,


Go Snappy, Go Deep, Our RPG Fairy Elements Hack Will Always Be There for You!

Two game modes to choose from.

  • Snappy: enemies are fairly easy to defeat, great for RPG beginners but we do not recommend it for advanced players since you will find it way too easy for your skills and the game will lose its purpose.
  • Deep: enemies are strong, and pretty awkward, plan battles carefully and watch out for every move you will take, it is recommended for advanced and expert players.

Remember that you can check the details of the basic controls from the help in the menu, you can also check the given quests from quests tab, they are split into two types main quests and secondary ones, as we are talking about the first moments of the game, your mission now is to find the Dominus king on the highest floor of the Castle, and wage a battle, but such a mission will require you to have decent gears, so start using the RPG Fairy Elements hack to generate coins enough to purchase that latest items on the shop.


Take Out the Dominus` Tribe King!

The world is full of mysterious power known as martial, two tribes, the homelier and Domnius tribes, have fought bitter wars, unending, over the power of this Martial, however when a certain humelia knight and his attendant appear on the scene, the tide of the war between the two tribes takes a great turn, remember to benefit from the free RPG Fairy Elements tips we mentioning in the article.

The Fate of the Kingdom Is in Your Hands!

Year 88 in the saikran calendar, the dominus king`s castle, Imandola Castle, a conversation will run between Yamato and Orka, at this moment you will realize that your allies are destroyed and no one is left there to fight with you, however if you manage to defeat the Dominus king, the victory of the Humelia tribe is certain, the future of the kingdom is in your hands now!

Increase Your Stats.

Your character information’s page includes everything you would like to know about it, right here in RPG Fairy Elements guide we will be explaining how they work, and of course the help that our RPG Fairy Elements cheats providing, will boost you into the maximum levels in the game in no time and will max out the stats you have.

  • Level: is an indicator to your character current level, the higher it is the stronger you will become due to unlocking new skills and increasing the other attributes.
  • NEXT: it is the amount of experience points needed to advance to the next level.
  • HP: it is the health points which is keeping you alive and moving.
  • MP: it is consumed after each special skill you use, you can us mana potions to refill it.
  • STR: it is another form of the word Strength, and it increases the health points to help you last longer in the battles.
  • SPD: is the moving speed for your character, you can increase it by purchasing decent boots.
  • ATK: the attack damage you are dealing to the opponents, increasing it will result in faster killing and stronger character, you can increase the attack damage by purchasing new weapons using the RPG Fairy Elements hack to earn resources.
  • DEF: increasing the defense is very important, without the right amount of defense you wouldn’t last for a second in the battle.

Upgrading Weapons to Survive.

Upgrade your current weapons using the surrounded resources found in the map, raising the items attributes by using mystical stones on them, discover new dungeons and loot awesome items from killing the monsters inside it, use RPG Fairy Elements Cheats, to obtain all these resources in less time.

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