Rogue Wizards Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Rogue Wizards Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Enter battles against weird monsters and collect the dropped loot from the destroyed monsters, use the loot to upgrade your gears and put ever effort to boost up your skills to reach your goal and distention finally, use the Rogue Wizards cheats as well as an alternative.

Rogue Wizards was created by “Spellbind Studios” company and it is available on the Android and IOS stores.

Opening phase.

At the starting scene you shall be going through the language selecting menu, there are four different global languages to choose from as this will change the entire language that is inside the game including the menus and even the dialogues between the characters, but we recommend you to pick up the English as it is the default one for the game.

Now you have selected the language for the game and you will be creating your first character, there are two genders available and the ability to enter a name for your character and if you cannot think of any creative name then you can activate the option which is auto generating name, it will simply get a name ready for you and save you the effort.

Gameplay in Few Lines.

There are several options to play the game in, the first one is the story mode, casual game with quest driven storyline and town, respawn in town if you die where the quest can be restarted, and that is the default mode for the game and the second available option is Gauntlet it is an advanced game of increasingly difficult dungeon crawl without the town or story, death is permanent can you get into the hall of fame finally after passing by the hard challenges and obstacles at the same time.



Quick Notes to Keep in Mind.

in the Rogue Wizards guide we will be delivering our experience from the story mode with more details in depth, but first be aware that switching weapons or drinking potions uses up a turn during combat, start the game with your character walking around the hall and you must search for they key that will let you get it out of this room as fast as possible, so move around by tapping on the desired spot and the character shall follow your tap instantly, and once you reach the point you can interact with different items on the floor, follow our Rogue Wizards tips to find the right key that will help you to escape this room and move to the next part.

Keep an Eye over Where You Step.

the game will load slowly depending on the area that you are located it, so do not expected to have a full vision so do not rush things and move one step after one step, if you ever found a chest do not hesitate to head directly to it and open it by tapping over it, the chests usually contain the right jewels and expensive items as well that could be used to improve your character, or consider Rogue Wizards cheats usage and add it to your plans.

With The Rogue Wizards hack You Will Obtain the Strongest Gears Available.

at the first mission you will find a chest and once you open there will be a letter hidden deep inside it that contains the following words “ if you are reading this scroll know it has found you for a reason, yours is a trial by fire, I am sorry I cannot be more gentle, this scroll has now bound you to your task have faith, you are capable of more than you can even realize or imagine” and that was the brief of this letter, we do actually believe the same, that you are going to become unstoppable with the Rogue Wizards hack service, use the gems to get the right gear for your character inside.


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