Ragnarok : Path of Heroes Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Ragnarok : Path of Heroes Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Ragnarok Path of Heroes Cheats To Get Have Free Cash!

This is a role playing game, it was created by “Gravity&Neocyon”, the game was released on 14 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices to clear out the world from the monsters, and also using the Ragnarok Path of Heroes cheats will get you enough cash to buy every strong items to protect yourself.



Create Your Character In Order To Start Playing!

In order to start Playing The Game you will need to enter your name and select the job class from the various jobs and they are sword man and he or she always swordsmen powerful physical attacks and defense the lead in combat, Magicians and they uses their vest knowledge to wisely overcome hardships, Acolyte and they use various spells to aid their allies in combat, and the thief and it has low HP but can attack with speed and with the final class and it’s Archer and it has a low defensive power but also has a strong agility and it can attacks at a long range, after choosing the class you will need to select the hair style from the different that are available in the game, now you are totally ready to enter the battle but with just reading our Ragnarok Path of Heroes tips you will dominate The Game.




Follow The Tutorial Instructions To Understand The Game!

There something called the attendance check, with every day you log on the game you will be receiving a reward, now you are ready to learn the basic game controls, first let’s check how to move your character: use the joystick at the bottom left. You can also simply touch the screen to move to the touched spot, and to converse with a NPC, you can touch the character or press the T(Target) button at the bottom right side and then touch the NPC face at the bottom of the screen. Ahead of you is an NPC with? Displayed over the head. Try to talk to the NPC. After completing such small mission, you will be assisted with the Kafra Corporation with your journey, and to learn more about the game controls, you have to move to the guard in the next zone, are you ready to move? Press next to move to the next screen, and by obtaining the Ragnarok Path of Heroes hack you will be able to discover new and the hidden maps in the game.


The Introduction To The Senior Guard Of The City!

Welcome to Lan Forta! I’m a senior guard of the city, and I’m here to teach you some useful things for your journey, to hunt monsters you will need a weapon and some armor. Get your gear from the equipment merchant below.  After going to the merchant shop, you are going to get some of the most luxurious weapons and armors you’ve ever seen. You know you can’t really fight monsters barehanded, don’t you? And she will speak to you clearly and will say why don’t I give you a weapon for free, as an introductory event? If you like my weapon.

Come again with enough zeny to get yourself a better one, let’s try to equip the weapon, shall we? Touch the character information window at the upper left side. Select the equip menu, and equip the weapon and armor you have, after wearing them, she will also give you a pet and a hat items. You can use them just like you would equipment items Try them. All the items you’ve received disappear from your inventory at the end of the tutorial. The consumable merchant is waiting for you. Please go meet her, and if you want to have all these strong weapons you can use the Ragnarok Path of Heroes cheats to get the enough zeny for that.




Get Enough Potions To Recover Your HP Back!

Welcome to the potions shop, and she is selling potions and other useful consumables, she has been waiting to give you a welcome gift, since this is your first time playing, she will give you some free HP and SP potions. And with potions you can safely escape dangerous situations, and with the usage of the Ragnarok Path of Heroes hack you can a countless amount of potions.

Start Putting Your Hands On The Ragnarok Path of Heroes Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot afford yourself the enough cash to buy the potions, weapons and armors to defend yourself and to protect the world, by getting that you will be able to do such things in no time, and finally make sure you have read all of our Ragnarok Path of Heroes guide to understand the game before you start it.

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