RAD Boarding Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

RAD Boarding Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

RAD Boarding Cheats To Get Yourself Free Coins & Learn Some Tricks.

This is an action game, it was created and published by “NoodleCakes Studios Inc” , the game was released in 20 January 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices for free, also in order to break your old score records you can use the RAD Boarding cheats.


Game Play!

Get ready and read our RAD Boarding tips to understand how are the game controls of this game, start holding downhill, and release uphill, get big air! Then swipe to perform tricks, after trying that and getting the big air, do a right swipe to perform a trick, keep in mind that performing trick is filling up the Rad Meter, staying in rad mode helps you escape the lava that’s chasing you. Perform tricks and sick combos to extend rad mode. Another hint you are going to need and it is rad mode also activates sweet powers such as double XP and the coin magnet.


Try The Different Tricks To Get Higher Score!

Perform tricks by swiping. Each trick has its own corresponding swipe gesture. Quickly chain different tricks together for sweet combos, earning you crazy XP multiplier. New tricks can be earned for free by reaching certain XP levels.

Another thing you need to know about is frogs are rare items that can randomly show up on the slope. Collect frogs by running into them, and pop them to reveal cool prizes like milk cape or costume pieces! Gold frogs are a lot harder to find but have a higher chance of sweet rewards like rare costume pieces. Another tip you need to know about and it is frogs occur more frequently in later levels and the more you play, the more you will find, and to easily find these frogs you can use the RAD Boarding cheats.





Unlock New Levels To Get More Prizes!

Unlock levels by completing objectives, because unlock them let you earn coins and find collectibles faster, and to understand how can you get more levels just keep reading this topic to read our RAD Boarding guide, in order to get levels in the game, you will need to play well and to get high scores in each game, and to get the total three stars from each map, and by achieving the different quests you will get too many prizes and also the experience points to get the new levels to unlock for yourself the different items that needs higher levels, and also by getting the RAD Boarding hack you can more levels in no time.


Buy The Different Upgrades!

Make sure to read our RAD Boarding guide to fully know how can the upgrades help you, upgrades help you get further and collect more rewards. The lava start delay start upgrading it and its going to be a good place to start with. There are too many upgrades to get and they are around 50 upgrade, and these upgrades such as lava start delay, trick boost speed, lava slowdown, rad mode duration and coin magnet range, every upgrade can be upgraded several times to maximize the benefits from it, and you can also upgrade all these upgrades in no time by getting the RAD Boarding hack.



Unlock The Different Costumes To Use!

There are too many different costumes that are available in the game to enjoy, and these costumes such as the space tourist, the working from home, the cute bunny, the billy the squid, the totes the totem, the banana split, tiny the bear, shadow ninja, steampunk and rad hazmat, there are also another costumes to use, but put in mind that you cannot use them easily like that, firstly you will need to collect them during the levels you are going to get, but to unlock them all without waiting you can get the RAD Boarding hack.

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