Rabbids Crazy Rush Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Rabbids Crazy Rush Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get All The Plungers You Want By Getting The Rabbids Crazy Rush Cheats!

This is an action game, it was created and published by the famous company “Ubisoft Entertainment” the game was released on 23 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices, and also make sure to get the help from the Rabbids Crazy Rush cheats that will provide you with a countless amount of plungers.

Learn How To Control Your Rabbid By Reading This Title!

At the beginning you are going to be asked to enter your age, then you will just tap to start running, in order to move to the left lane you just need to swipe left, and to move to the right lane you can just swipe right, and to dodge a trap that specifically designed for you, you can just swipe down to dodge, and to jump you can only swipe up, with such easy game controls you should be getting the highest score in the game, and with our little help by mentioning our Rabbids Crazy Rush tips you are going to rule.

Get Rewarded With The Full Mark To Be Able To Play In The Next Stages Of The Game!

See that request up top? Piece of cake! Your first mission in the game is to collect 30 cans, and you are going to be rewarded with the stars system, and its going to be if you got 18 cans out of 30 you will be getting 3 stars, if you collected 12 cans you will be getting 2 stars our of 3 and finally if you got 7 cans you will be getting 1 star, these stars what will help you to unlock the next stages of the game, the next stages will require specific amount of stars, so you need to exert all of your efforts to get the full mark each game you are going to play, and with reading our Rabbids Crazy Rush guide its going to be easier to collect these stars.

Unlock The Most Powerful Vehicles In The Game To Help You Through Your Journey!

There are a lot of vehicles to be unlocked to help you through the game, these vehicles are:

1-Glider: nothing better than a pink pats for gliding and can attraction and you need level 7 to unlock it, and its duration is 15 seconds.

2-Magnet Cart: top speed and can attraction! Every Rabbid’s dream, you can unlock it from level 12 and its duration is 15 seconds.

3-Fan: fly high to grab these cans! That fan is powered by pure Rabbidness! And to be unlocked you need level 21 and its duration is 5 seconds.

Headstart: want to skip the slow part? This was made for you! Unlocked at level 31 and its duration is 5 seconds.

And keep in mind that these durations can be upgraded with your cans you are collecting each game, so make sure to collect as much as possible to be able to upgrade all of these vehicles, and to get such amount of cans you can easily get the help from the Rabbids Crazy Rush cheats.

Customize Your Character To Look The Way You Want And Impress The Others!

You can always customize your Rabbids to look amazing and to look the way you want to look among the others, you can customize everything in your rabbids, you can also choose a rabbid from the different rabbids the game provides you with, you can always race as a biker, luchador, ninja and captain underwear and more are available in the shop of the game, so wear whatever you want to release the kraken inside you and beat everyone’s score.

Obtain The Rabbids Crazy Rush Hack To Unlock More Suits!

You can always play with friends, and beat them and their score’s, you can also collect as much as fragments to use as lottery and to win great prizes and other rare suits from the washing machine lottery and to get unlimited amount of fragments you can always get the extra help from the Rabbids Crazy Rush hack.

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