Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Review

Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Review

This is a strategy game, it was created and published by “stereo7 games” the game was released on 17 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the caliphate from the danger that’s surrounds it, also make sure to use the Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense cheats to get provided with unlimited amount of gems to get all the cards pack you want to help your through your journey.

Gather Aladdin And Other Heroes Together And Defend The Caliphate!

Now it’s for Aladdin to shine again, he is the hero that should be protecting the caliphate from the upcoming dangerous attacks, with the different towers defense you should be defending the castle from these attacks, also using the different pack of cards that will provide you with the different abilities to crush your enemies with, so make sure to get all these cards and gems to help you keep moving forward through the story of the game, and to get unlimited amount of gems you start using and getting the help from the Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense cheats.

Select The Perfect Combination Of Cards Before Every Battle!

The silence of the bright and sunny day was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the war horn, a bunch of heroes must hold the invaders until citizens will be safe, this is going to be your first battle defending the castle and the caliphate, before the battle you will need to select the cards you are going to play with, and as the beginning you have only three cards to be used these cards are:

1-Runaway Slave: he was a slave of the dark lord but he has fled, vengeance is the only thing he desires, and he has strong and different stats from the others.

2-Archer: he deals physical damage.

3-Fire Witch: and her fireballs make the enemies tremble.

So add these three starting cards and start the battle, and with reading our Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense tips you are going to know which cards to use in every battle.

Put The Perfect Strategy Before The Enemies Wave Begin To Defend Your Castle!

As the first battle starts, you will need to place all the cards you have at the right places to be able to defend your castle and to not let any enemy pass your cards, so use the different tactics and choose wisely the places for your cards to easily kill the enemies that are coming in every wave, so make sure to put the perfect strategy to stop the enemies flee to your castle, also reading our Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense guide will provide you with all the info you need to know where to place your cards, and also keep in mind that you will be awarded with good rewards after each fight you win.

Upgrade All Types Of Cards You Have By Merging Two Identical Cards Together!

This how you are going to be stronger at the next and upcoming battles, by tapping on the upgrade button, you can start upgrading all of your cards make them hit stronger to defend your castle, let’s an example upgrade the Archer, all you need to do is merge two identical cards into one to get a more powerful card, so by merging to Archers cards together you are going to be stronger, and his stats will be upgraded, his hit damage is going to increase by 5 points and also the range will be increased by 5 points, but keep in mind that upgrading your cards will take time, as in our example its going to take 1 minute to be upgraded.

Obtain The Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense Hack To Get All The Card Packs You Want!

If you are tired of defending your castle and putting the different strategies and yet you still lose because you cannot upgrade your types of cards to become stronger, using the Prince Aladdin: Tower Defense hack will provide you with all the gems you want to get all the cards you want and merge them together to be able to upgrade them all.


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