Pokemon Go Definition !

Pokemon Go Definition !

The latest craze in mobile gaming has been bestowed upon us and it goes by the name of Pokemon Go. If you are one of those who loved and still loves the anime, then you are probably one of those people who are glad that it has now been made into a game. Here you will learn everything you need to know about Pokemon Go from its history, developer, platforms, techniques and even cheats on how you could score high and have your team win the game.


Platforms and Developer


Thanks to Niantic, the developer and the publisher of Pokemon Go, the dream of all Pokemon fans to experience the anime in a virtual reality setting has been made possible. This is not just a virtual reality mobile game by the way, the company has even turned it into an augmented reality. What does that mean? Well, unlike other multiplayer role playing games, gamers are just bound to play it in the scene provided by the virtual world. Pokemon Go is so much more fun than that because the scene is right in the real world.


Anyone could play this using their iOS or Android mobile device. Unlike any other mobile or video games, Pokemon Go encourages gamers to go and explore the outdoors. You will read the mechanics as you go through this page and you will find out that this is not your typical mobile gaming app. Instead of being a couch potato and staring at your smartphone’s screen the entire day, you will get to enjoy nature and the beauty that is the outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play it with your iPhone or Android tablet, this game would entertain and bring out the overachiever that is hidden within you.


Mechanics and Methodology On Playing Pokemon Go


The first part of this game involves you as the player in creating the character and image that you want. This is actually the fun part because you get to customize your look from top to bottom. You can change your skin color, the type of bag and the shirt that you want to wear and even your pants and shoes! It will no doubt bring out the creative side of you. Make sure that you allow the app to have an access to your current location to make it possible to determine if you have some Pokemons roaming in the area. After creating your avatar, you will notice that it will show up on a map where you are currently standing.


You will need to get familiar with the features of this game, which includes PokeStops and the where the adventure lies, the Pokemon gyms. The Pokestops are where you could get stuff like eggs and other materials that could possibly lure some wild Pokemons. The gyms are where all the fights happen. For those who have played some Pokemon game before, don’t be mistaken to fight with wild pokemons that you encounter on this edition. What you need to do is simply throw a Poke Ball to the Pokémon that you saw and you could automatically own it. Just make sure you it though or it would be deemed pointless.


On the event that you get to catch a Pokemon that is wild in nature, you can give yourself a tap on the back because you will be given either a candy or some stardust as your reward. These items could potentially make your Pokemon powerful because of the combat power that could be upgraded with the help of those. This part has some technicalities involve, but you will learn about that later on as we share with you some tips and the different catches there is when it comes to the subject of combat power.


Scoring or Point System


It will excite you even more to learn more about this game’s point system. The more you play with it, the more chances of you earning points, which in results affects your level. This means that in order to level up, you have to commit to play on a regular basis. Besides, once you start fiddling with it on your phone, we’re afraid that there is no backing out and you simply won’t be able to control yourself in gathering more point. Experience points are your goal in order to level up. There are three teams that you could join here namely the Valor, Mystic and Instinct. These are you basic cliques in the world of Pokemon Go.


For scoring, the Pokemon Gym plays a huge role to it that if you decide to enter the premise that happened to be ruled over by another character who is not of your team, this is the perfect time to call for a challenge. Basically, you have to fight them to lower the prestige and as soon as it goes to zero, you will be able to control the Pokemon Gym and you can even bring another Pokemon to help guard it. If one can lower the prestige of a Pokemon Gym, it can also be upgraded and it all depends on the deal that you have with the gym leader. Note that every time a team gets to upgrade, they can add deposit one of their Pokemons to do something for their group that would bring advantage for their points. As you can see, teamwork plays a huge part in this game as well.


So what are you waiting for? Capture all the Pokemons that are inhibiting earth right on your phone screen. This is the best time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors while playing your favorite online game. Those words don’t come up often as a description or activity for an online game, but with this one, it is even a necessity to do it. Take advantage of this technology and have your friends join you in the hunt for as many Pokemons as you can and win every challenge you face to level up faster than the others.

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