Phantom of the Kill Cheats, Hack, Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Phantom of the Kill Cheats, Hack, Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Lazuli Waiting for You TO Get Them IN Big Numbers by Using the Phantom of the Kill Cheats for Free.

This is a tactical role playing that was introduced to the world long time ago, but now it is available in its English version, so now simply anyone from all over the world can start playing it and enjoy the main story behind it.

Start downloading it for free on Android or IOS device, and get the Phantom of the kill Cheats alongside to cover your expenses of Lazuli, Also we can’t ignore that this game has developed by “gumi Inc.”



As the game starts you will be asked to enter your character name, as this name will be going places later on and bring fame and victory to the whole entire nation! All hail the new commander!

And now watch the magical crystal starts applying some weird spells and will finally get you summoned a hero.

Heroes at the game can be rated upon the rarity level and the stars they get, so I think it is obviously that the higher the rarity level is the stronger the hero will become, so make sure you are using the Phantom of the Kill cheats so you would have the ability to summon as many heroes as you want so you can add them to your collection and fight for your own cause and reach higher goals faster than anyone else. Also read the full Phantom of the Kill guide.

Start Increasing Your Items Powers.

Keep in mind that fighting enemies off is not the only option for you to get stronger, actually the items can also increase their powers and attributes depending on your playing style, so if there is a certain item you want it to become stronger and much powerful, make sure you equipping it and playing with it during the battles, and also keep reading the article for further more Phantom of the Kill tips and tricks of the game. Which can be found only here without any charges applied on you in return.

Take Her to The HQ, Now!

As you watch your lover gets killed during the battle against the evil, and letting her last breaths out and you are watching her hopeless and cannot do anything to save her from the hell she has been going through. But her last words were the reason for you to start bursting into the world and having all these strong effects to take out the evil and bring justice back! So take her back to the HQ so she might start recovering and become better, but the chances of such a thing to happen are very low.


Placing Your Army in The Right Position Is the Most Important Thing!

Learn how to use your army correctly and adjust them depending on the playing style you are entering, so the most important part about this thing is to understand the pros and cons of each military type you got in the army! And now let’s start with the Armored Lances as they are very strong defensively and they can last longer at the front of the incoming attacks, so make sure you line them up at the front line while the battle starting to take position. Use the Phantom of the Kill cheats so you would be able to have enough Lazuli to purchase new gears and heroes and expand your army step by step.

Use The Phantom of the Kill Hack for Easier Winnable Battles.

Now we will be talking about the combat scene and how it looks like, as the battle begins you will get to see a 1 versus 1 fight that is taking place in a weird and remote location on the map, and at the bottom will be the stats of each hero and how strong he is, let me explain the quick detentions of the given key words at the bottom of the UI during the combat time. Go for Phantom of the Kill Hack now.

Attack: it is the amount of the damage the hero is capable of dealing to the opponent target, and the higher the attack is, the more damage you will be dealing.

ACC: it is a short term word for the accuracy, this means the chance of hitting your target without missing it.

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