Phantom Chaser Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Phantom Chaser Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

The Epic PHAN-tasy RPG with Award-Winning dazzling designs is presently open to the Global Audience!

Prepare to welcome a pack of scandalous Phantoms from myths and legends around the world!

Investigate the universe of Phantom Chaser and lead your group to triumph against the malevolent power for the last time!

★ Over 130+ Phantoms to gather and ace!

Apparitions from different myths and legends around the globe can be found in the realm of Phantom Chaser

Dracula, Frankenstein, Succubus, Anubis, the colossal Nine-Tails, and some more

★ Unique and Fun ‘Mirror System’

Have your character with Phantoms to retain its capacities and release intense abilities.

Strategical utilization of Mimic can turn the influx of fight.

★ Configure your group astutely!

All characters are separated into 3 parts; Melee, Mid-Range, and Long-Range.

Look at what you are up against and set your group as needs be to pick up Victory

★ Manual Control for a more Strategic play!

Control the position of your colleagues to maintain a strategic distance from or lessen harm from adversary assault.



Concentrate fire on a solitary focus to wipe out present risk!

★ Acquire and Enhance Phantoms to Strengthen your group

Procure Phantoms through playing stages, summoning and furthermore CRAFTING!

Level Up, Upgrade, Transcend and Evolve your Phantoms to open potential forces.

Watch your Phantoms change in appearance as they end up noticeably Stronger!

★ Put your group to the test in Arena!

Fight it out with other ‘Apparition Chasers’ from around the globe.

Scale in the Ranks to get a commendable reward for the exertion.

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