Oceanhorn Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Oceanhorn Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Oceanhorn Cheats to infinite and bonus gold coins to help you through progressing the whole game.

Oceanhorn was released on 15 December 2016, the game was created and developed by FDG Entertainment Gmbh and Co. KG.

Oceanhorn is now available for free to download on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.1 and higher through Google Play, the game is also available for free at the Appstore for all the IOS devices, however there are in app purchases which you can buy them for real money such as you can purchase infinite gold coins that you will through your progress through the whole game, however you have also relief your mind and forget about losing money by getting the access to the Oceanhorn cheats for free now.


Seek for and achieve the quests

The quests here in the game is very easy to find as your first start of the game, you will be given three quests at once, as the first one is the pocket money which you can unlock it by collecting your first 25 coins, as the second quest is the smart guy which you will try to read 10 different sign in order to get this achievement and the last one is the not far from tree which is the last of the three as you can unlock it by getting your father’s sword and also his shield.


Wonderful Oceanhorn’s story line & General tips

This wonderful game starts with the a kid receiving a letter from his father, his father left it in the middle of the night and the letter was “I am leaving tonight kid and I am not coming back kid, my fate is tied to a monster from the depth of time and I hear it is horrible sound echoing from the sea and it is coming for me again, whatever happens next, I am not going to lose you like I have lost your mother, I left her necklace for you to keep it safe, this necklace is the last thing of her so keep is close and guard it well, I will give you my old note book from my travels, it will guide your way to an island of my friend, he will help you to prepare for what is coming”.


The Oceanhorn’s tutorial is very important, so do not skip it.

The Oceanhorn tips will tell your progress by collecting all the keys in the game to help you through your journey and to be able to open all the chests that you will find, seek for and kill your enemies to get the gold coins and the experience points needed to be able to level up your hero, however you can use the Oceanhorn hack to be able to do that for free without worrying about losing your money, and remember and make sure the you can purchase the full version instead of the trial version in order to play the full game or you can get the full version by getting your hands on the Oceanhorn cheats and also to be able to unlock the full version bundle for free now, the same Oceanhorn guide will illustrate the game controls as you can play the game with a gamepad with an analog within it, so it helps you configuring it’s controls.


Use Oceanhorn hack to get new and instant health bar.

Kill and destroy your enemies and doing it by taping the device’s screen rapidly and fast enough before it begins to attack or before hitting you so it could not decrease your health bar, and remember that you begin with five hearts as your health bar so make sure you regen your health bar when you need it the most by using Oceanhorn hack for free now and always.

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