OCATSTRA Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

OCATSTRA Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Any Desired Number of Resources by Simply Using The OCATSTRA Cheats for Free!

Take control over the cats in this fantasy world as you will be leading them into a glorious battle against the clown, use the magical skills and get OCATSTRA cheats to have the necessary gears to reach your target.

OCATSTRA was created and published by “PangSky” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.


We will head directly into the gameplay with all of its details and right here in this OCATSTRA guide we shall not leave anything behind, so from this point and onwards we will be following Nia the cat, as she will become the main instructor for you through this journey and challenge, the first received information is knowing that each cat has their own unique active skill, the cat icon button underneath would activate the skill, try touching the button, activate the attacking or whatever the skill is about by tapping over the skill icon, it could be found right at the bottom side of the game screen.

Remember that each skill has its own cool down period, so you cannot spam using it and that is something that will add balance to the gameplay, and allow you to star using other available attacking options and not to get stuck up with a single way to attack.

Always Be Prepared for The Worst.

The game is taking the waves playing style, so you should be always preparing yourself for the worst, that is a fascinating playing style, also note that if set cool down period has passed, the cats can use the ultimate skill, swipe up as you are holding the cat icon button to use the ultimate skill, try swiping up with yourself whilst you reading the following lines as this will make you become much more convinced with the given instructions.

Hole and swipe the button to use the ultimate which will be dealing very high damage, it is advised to save it for the boss fight at the end of each stage, find extra valuable OCATSTRA tips mentioned over here.



Defeat The Clown Mask!

Defeating the clown mask is something you cannot achieve unless you follow the instructions given carefully, so you must be aiming for the opponent`s weakness little magician, as he has managed to defeat you at the starting scenes of the game successfully, so let’s move back right into the first chapter which is called forest of magic.

Rise through the ranks within the arena to obtain greater rewards, you can earn daily rewards for just participating so give it a try from time to time.

Visit Your Shelter for Further Upgrades.

Make sure that you are connected to the internet at the starting phase of the game as it will start to download additional files related to the game in order complete it out, and that is something very crucial and important in order to get the game started at the first place.

At the shelter you will be given the opportunity to check out everything and by everything we mean actually the smallest details, seeing the available features such as applying upgrades and improvements to your cat right away, change your cat name and gender, or use the OCATSTRA cheats and purchase new gears for it.

Upgrade and Improve Your Powers with OCATSTRA Hack Freely!

Let’s reach you about the treasure boxes, once you open up the treasure box you can receive one of many items, you can open up to 10 boxes at a time so give it a try once you get the OCATSTRA hack, as it will cover up all your expenses so do not worry with the amount of chests or its rarity level by any means.

The common chest will be on your left hand and as you move to the right side, you will be finding the rarest and the strongest ones.


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