Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

If you are a big fan of the famous ninja turtle’s series then you must be getting this game on your device before anyone else, this game was created for the hardcore fans to enjoy one of the best storyline you will experience, play with the most powerful ninjas out there and travel with them throughout the different stages and challenges, using the Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate cheat is considered to be best weapon you could use during the various problems so get it now before anyone else.

the Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate was created by “Suchu Media” and you can get it download on your IOS or Android devices.

Choose Your Favorite Ninja from Different 4 Types.

Get to select your character from different 4 available characters, the red, purple, orange and red ninja each one of them has to go through different story and with special abilities and powers to get them unlocked so far, but in our Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate guide we will be starting with the blue Ninja and go through his storyline but first let’s jump right to the game UI and explain the various controls settings and how they work exactly.

Keep Your Eyes Over the Health Bar.

First thing you need to pay attention to is your own health bar that is located at the top left corner of the screen which indicates how far are you from getting killed down so remember that once the health of yours gets low and you are about to die to take some defensive positions to decrease the incoming attacks coming right at your face.

there are several ways to upgrade and increase your ninja powers, but the fastest way to mention here for our dear readers is using the Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate cheats for free, and one more interesting feature the cheats will be providing is the removal of the game cheats, if you do not know removing the ads is important then you got to read the entire article to see the downsides of this.

Simplified Game UI.

The game UI is very simple and decent that doesn’t have many complications in order to help every beginner and new player, take a look on the left bottom side which contains the movement directions which are consisted of two arrows one on the left arrow and the second on the right arrow, they will help you to move on two directions only and that is because the game is based on the 2D settings, and if you move to the right side of the screen you will be getting the attacking icon to perform various attacks to the enemies you facing so far all of these attacking moves are very important, and right next to it the icon that will let you jump high in the sky to dodge incoming attacks or getting over any obstacle so far so use it with patience.

Removing The Ads Has Become Very Easy with The Help of Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate Hack for Free.

Remember to put your hands on the Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate hack to remove the ads which could be popping up right at your face during any moment of the game play, that is why this is a must thing to do at the opening stage of the game before doing anything else.

Here are some valuable Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate tips to achieve the completion of the game in no time and also use the bugs and weakness in the game system, some bandits which you are fighting to keep them off the city streets will never follow you up no matter where you go so you need to know first their attacking style in order to beat it.

Understand Your Enemies Powers.

Some bandits are using the swords and they are very strong at the melee combats and will simply take advantage of you and the other type is the bandits with throwing knives, they will be using the knives to throw them at you from a ranged position.

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