Mystic Heroes Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Mystic Heroes Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Play with your hero to take a stand against the priests of darkness as they have been attacking your kingdom frequently and trying to bring it down under their rule and judgment, so start collecting a team of heroes from all over the kingdom and gather them under one banner which is protecting the kingdom and the king.

Meet new classes and characters available and each one of them will have its own unique and special skills and playing style of course so such a thing could be confusing to you and that is why you should forget about such a thing and head directly to use the Mystic Heroes cheats as this will be your insurance to obtain the strongest and latest weapons available at the game currently.

Mystic Heroes was created and published by “Dreamplay Games” company and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms.

Game Story.

Touch the screen at the start to enter the challenge and prepare yourself to see the urgent message that was sent by the watch guards as they are informing you that the kingdom is under attack by the army of darkness which is led by the priest Rasputin and we must gather the forces and fight them back all at once if you were planning to survive for another day.

Meet your new assistant Criss as she will be your new Mystic Heroes guide to teach you the basics of the game and the important tricks which most of the beginners get to ignore.

Answers for Your Quests Could Be Found Here.

You look like you have a thousand questions now and wondering what is going on exactly, but do not rush things as everything will be available and clear once its time comes, but before heading directly to the battlefield lets select a hero that will be leading your army in the upcoming battle.

Choose between three different heroes and each one of them is waiting to prove himself worthy at the battlefield so our Mystic Heroes tips will shine now as they will be explaining to you which one will suit your needs.



Heroes Preview.

Let’s start with the first Hero Rosa, the sharpest of judgment and composer guide the arrows shot by Rosa, astride a bounding white tiger to find their targets without fail, she is feared by her enemies and not planning ever to take a bow or give up on the battle field, and that was everything we know about the first hero available moving now to the next hero Kaya and explaining her pros and cons for you in a detailed paragraph.

A Hero That is Depending On Its Bear to Win Combats!

Kaya, she has joined forces with urushan the brown bear to punish the priests of darkness for destroying the forest, the fate of battles depend on the clout of her weapon and the rear of Urushan, a hero that is totally depending on his bear in the battle is not really recommended to be picked up but after all the call is yours, and now that will be taking us into the last hero available Chloe but first remember to use the Mystic Heroes cheats to upgrade any hero you would be picking up without having to worry about the expenses.

Increase Your Heroes Skills and Powers with The Mystic Heroes hack.

Last but not least we will be having Chloe, she is under grand sorcerer winged guidance, Chloe grew into a hero who commands armies, her healing ability and summon spells greatly boost morale, she is very good to work in a team and her true powers will simply shine at the hardest parts of the battle as she will be providing support and aid to them in several ways, but still without the Mystic Heroes hack your heroes will never live to see the light next day in the combat.

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