Mighty Battles Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Tutorials

Mighty Battles Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Tutorials

This is a fighting game, it was created and published by “Hothead Games”, the game was released on 17 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to fight against and prove your skills among the different players from all over the world, also using the Mighty Battles cheats will provide you with enough coins and gold to upgrade all of your units.

Start Training Hard To Prove Your Skills!

Welcome, commander! Nice to have you aboard! Let me introduce you to your squad! And your squad is Mastodon, Hornets, Howlers, Boom Bros, Brick and Bombing Run, these units will make up your first squad, now lets get your squad into training and whip them into shape, so train them hard because you are going to defend and attack the different enemies basis and with the different strategies to dominate and rule over all the players from all over the world, also make sure to read our Mighty Battles tips to fully understand the game before you even start it.

Learn The Different Lessons To Understand The Game Well!

Here we go your first lesson to learn the game and become stronger and unbeatable, your first lesson is deploy units from your squad to destroy the enemy base, now lets test out how did you get that first lesson, in order to destroy a base you will need to tap a unit then choose a lane and finally destroy the base, let’s get into the second lesson and its you will need battle coins to deploy units! Earn coins by shooting enemy grunts. Now drag the camera left and aim at the grunt and finally shot them,

Unlock The Different Crates For More Units To Be Added Into Your Squad!

Make sure to red our Mighty Battles guide plus the additional from the game instructions to dominate and eliminate the enemy troops, now lesson three is all about every mighty battle has three steps shoot grunts, earn coins and deploy units.

Unlock crates to get new units and upgrades, you have enough gold to open this crate and avoid the wait! After opening the crate you will be getting a Mastodon and another three Bricks, now go to the squad screen to see your units! You can view your squad from here, now lesson four is you can counter enemy units with your base gun and your own units and its going to do so, all you need to do is to watch for enemy threats and then deploy to counter,

Upgrade All Of Your Units To Become Stronger!

Here you can view unit info and upgrade units by tapping a unit, tap on Brick now! Unit stats and targets are important, Brick’s stats are 10,245 health, 2,426 damage per second, has a long range, 6,174 damage and his speed is medium, he is mighty, Brick’s rockets will put the hurt on anything the enemy throws at you.

You have enough units to upgrade Brick, after tapping on upgrade his health, damage and all of his overall stats will increase and he will become stronger and a powerful killing machine, by the way in order to upgrade an unit, you will need to collect 4 from the same unit to be able to be upgraded, now you are ready for the next battle and ready to dominate, and using the Mighty Battles cheats will be so helpful to open new crates.

The Rocket Launcher And The Mighty Battles Hack The Only Way To Survive!

Congratulations you have a new unit added to your squad and to view that you will need to go to squad screen, this new unit is called rocket launcher, drag it into your squad now, anything caught in the explosive radius of your rockets takes huge damage so that’s nice, and with using the Mighty Battles hack you are going to have all the new units and the upgraded to the maximum in order to be able to defend yourself from the massive incoming attacks, and also to easily eliminate and destroy enemies base, you can also get all the coins you need to open crates as much as you want to unlock more units.

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