Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Maiden Legacy of the Beast Cheats, You May Never Hear “Insufficient Funds” Word Anymore, Enjoy Tons Of Resources For Free Now Before Anyone Else!

Play as the famous Eddie in an amazing world full of monsters and challenges waiting for you to complete, collect coins and upgrade Eddie to become stronger day after until you reach your long-term goal and rule the whole universe, and of course with Maiden Legacy of the Beast cheats you should be achieving this goal really really soon!

This game was created by “Nodding Frog Ltd” company, and you can start downloading and playing it on your IOS or Android powered device for free.

Become The Fearsome Werewolf!

Entering the first scene of the game as you are actually transforming into a frightening werewolf, but looks like there are some wolves waiting for you over there, and they want to get you down, so prepare yourself to enter a battle now at the first starting moments of the game, later on the Maiden Legacy of the Beast guide we will be covering how the battle systems and what to do in order to win each single fight, you will be entering during your stay here.



Amazing Combat Animations!

The combat is interesting, and the attacking animation is actually right on point though, but since this is a turn based game, you will have to watch them attacking you without being able to defend yourself, but with the help of Maiden Legacy of the Beast Hack, you will be getting some new gears to hit much harder and take them enemies in no time before even getting the chance to hit you back, you will find the attack button placed at the right bottom corner of the screen and make sure before you attack the target that both circles are aligned together for maximum damage output, but sometimes your basic attack will not be enough.

That’s why they have added the power gauge, which will be charged every round and it will help you to unlock new skills and special abilities, so let’s now try out using “Chain Knuckle” skill, as it will has a chance of stunning the enemy preventing him from attacking on you the upcoming turn, to execute it you will need to tap rapidly on the screen until it is ready to launch on the opponent target, now we are done with covering the most basic controls and secrets of the game combat system but keep reading the article for extra Maiden Legacy of the Beast tips.




Get Ready for The Boss Fight Using Maiden Legacy of the Beast Hack!

As any other game, it has the boss at the end of each stage you entering, and he is stronger and has extra powers compared to his followers at the realm, but these bosses are willing to die for the sack of their masters, since they were promised to be granted with immortality and last forever, so prepare yourself for a hard battle coming up on you, they will not give up easy, check on your fury bar at the top left corner of the screen and once it is full, you will be able to unleash An Ultimate Skill which would wipe everything in front of your sight, but beware that the enemy can gain fury as well from dealing or receiving any damage, to activate it press on the fury button close to the normal attack button at the bottom right corner of the screen.



Advance in levels, And Unlock New Game Features!

In each level you are completing, you will be receiving experience points and some loot, and of course the experience points are consumed to help you with advancing up into the next level which would lead automatically to unlocking of extra new features, the loot can be consisted of coins, which will help you with purchasing new upgrades for your character, and this can be substituted of course with the help of Maiden Legacy of the Beast cheats right away.

Increase Your Eddie Powers to Keep Up with The Game Pace!

You can pay a visit to the character power up page, and start upgrading your own character successfully, using the evolution shards and coins, these resources can be found by getting Maiden Legacy of the Beast Hack for free without any extra charges applied.

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