Magic Love Story: Secret Crush Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Magic Love Story: Secret Crush Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

This is a simulation game, it was created and published by “Bluebell Lush Interactive Limited” the game was released on 14 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and do your best to bait your crush and live a happy life together and finally using the Magic Love Story Secret Crush cheats will provide you with all the needed resources to help progress faster in the game.

Choose and Image Then Enter Your Name to Start Enjoying!

In order to start the game, you need first to choose an image from three available images in the game, after choosing one image you will need to enter your name, then your game shall start.

You can press this button to save progress during the game! Let’s enjoy the game now!

A basketball bounces hard off the backboard, and you hear a loud groan beside you, and now you are going to meet Lisa and she is going to tell you that, if he doesn’t step it up, they are going to lose!

You roll your eyes at your best friend, who’s never cared about sports until she saw the town hot tie, Wesley, play.

Watch and Lurk Wesley While He Is Playing His Basketball Game!

Do you even know how many points he’d get from that? They are so far behind; it will take a miracle to win.

And now Lisa gives you a dirty look and smacks you on the shoulder, and will tell you to not be such a party pooper! Miracles do happen, you know. If anyone can pull it off, it’s him.

Staring dreamily, at the tall sandy haired guy currently streaking down the court, Lisa sighs, you smirk knowingly.

Now Lisa’s been crushing hard on Wesley, who is often said to be the cutest guy in town, fit and tan all the girls love him, and using the Magic Love Story Secret Crush cheats will help you fall in love with Wisely.

The Dark Storm Clouds Are Coming So You Would Better Get Back Home!

That’s exactly why you and Lisa are among a group of about eight girls there today, who only come to watch him play.

And now you are going to say he sure looks good in that shirt, it really brings out his green eyes…

A loud boom echoes throughout the part just as Wesley stole the ball and started to rush to the hoop.

Everyone stops to looks up, seeing dark storm clouds heading their way, and finally make sure to read all of our Magic Love Story Secret Crush tips to understand how to play with your character before you even start the game.

Start Talking with Wesley and Make Arrange for an Appointment with Him!

And after Wesley finished his game, you are going to meet him and will start to talk to him by saying hey what’s up? And then he will reply you with just wanted to say hi since I didn’t get to before the game… and get away from the gaggle of girls for a second, and you are going to tell him ha I thought you liked the attention, Mr. Popular? Then he will reply with well, yeah, but sometimes I need to talk to someone who isn’t trying like crazy to date me, and finally make sure to read our Magic Love Story Secret Crush guide to know Wesley weak points.


Obtain The Magic Love Story Secret Crush Hack and Unlock New Features!

Well, your next step is your uncle’s workshop, and as you park, you see one of your uncle’s workers, Aaron, out from working on a motorcycle.

Your uncle’s own this shop since you were a kid, and it’s the best motorcycle paint and repair shop around, he is well known for taking a teenager or two under his wing to teach them mechanics, and Aaron’s his latest apprentice.

Nothing makes my day like seeing him flex those muscles as he works… this is what you are going to say in your mind once you see him, and finally make sure to use the Magic Love Story Secret Crush hack to get all the resources you need to progress easier in the game.

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