LINE The World HD Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

LINE The World HD Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “Line Corporation” the game was released on 8 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world from the Argin Army, also using the LINE The World HD cheats will allow you to get a lot of the coins to upgrade your different weapons and skills.

Choose A Character Type From The Different Available In The Game!

There are 4 types of characters that are in the game, and you need to choose one of them before you start the game, make sure to read our LINE The World HD tips to choose wisely the character that suits you the most, don’t forget to get the help from the LINE The World HD hack to unlock new skills and abilities, ok and these types are:

1-Templar: founded by Valkyrie, he was a gifted warrior, leader in battles and protector of the dynasty/

2-Mage: student of Ennyes, master of the three magical arts fire, water and thunder. Controller of the battle.

3-Sword mage: founded by Hou Yi. She had precise archery skills, was knowledgeable regarding trapping and both was agile.

4-Archer: founded by Hou Yi. She had precise archery skills, was knowledgeable regarding trapping and both was agile.

So here are all the types in the game, now it’s time to choose the character that you want to play with.

Customize Your Own Character And Have A Perfect Look!

After choosing the type of your character, you need to enter the name of your character, then you will need to customize it as you want and as you wish to look like in the game, you can choose from the different eyes in the game, you can also choose a hair style from the styles available and finally you can choose a color for your hair, in that way you can fully customize your character and look amazing in the game, also make sure to read our LINE The World HD guide to totally understand how to create a character and how to enter its name.

Eliminating The Ragin Army!

Maven says, this is the internal part of the diving tree. According to legend, it connects the mortal world with heaven. Look like the Ragin Army is already here. And TECHZAMAZING will reply with we need to act fast. We cannot let them prevail! Now this is your first lesson and it’s how to control your character, just tap anywhere on the screen to move, and upon meeting the enemy, attack intelligently, and now your mission is to eliminate the Ragin Army, now the second lesson is how to use your skills on the different enemies, just tap the skill icon the choose a direction and dominate! Put in mind that every skill has a cool down time, so you cannot spam the same skill, also the help of the LINE The World HD hack will give you a countless amount of coins to easily eliminate the Ragin Army!

Get Rewarded With After Finishing Every Quest That Are In The List!

Tap to track quest, now TECHZAMAZING will say that, my head so dizzy. Maven, are we back home? And Maven will reply with you are finally awake! You have been in a coma for a few days. I was so worried. Hey, why would you come here without a weapon? Go to uncle jack’s and get your weapon! And you will be rewarded with a sword because you won your last fight also will get 100 EXP and 8000 coins, then you are going to meet Jack and he will say to you the weapon you were using was damaged. This is a new one I made for you. Try it out! So you are going to be rewarded with 8000 coins, 100 EXP and Bronze Blade, and with using the LINE The World HD cheats you are going to have a lot of coins to be used to upgrade your weapons.

Get The LINE The World HD Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot beat the Argin Army, using that will afford you all the new skills that are available in the game, also will let you have the strongest items to arm yourself well before starting any fight, you can also upgrade your armor, foots and your weapons to become unbeatable.


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