LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Cheats, Hack, Guides and Strategies

LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Cheats, Hack, Guides and Strategies

LEGO QUEST & COLLECT To Get Yourself Unlimited Number of Resources!

Get into the Lego world, and start fighting the villains and construct your own city, plus securing the citizens whom are living inside your city, should become your highest priority, so get ready and use all your powers to stop the Mad Creator From destructing and taking over the Lego World, start downloading the game on your Android or IOS powered devices for free, and enjoy reading our LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Cheats, Hack, Guide And Tips avoiding wasting your time doing wrong.

Quick View over the Gameplay!

Before starting to play, the game will ask you to enter your age in order to make the game more suitable for every generation, then a small cinematic video will start to play afterwards, be  noted that this is the brick world, a world built out of LEGO bricks, a place where everyone is free to create and do whatever they want, and yes maybe things are a little to peaceful, but this is the home of scarlet and she would do anything to protect it, this is scarlet and she is the guardian of brick world, which means she has to stay here all the day looking after this “ the master brick” the old people say that with this magical ancient treasure, it is possible to create anything, so it must be used with caution, but now we are going to see what It can do exactly, using the Lego Quest & Collect Hack will do you wonders in this game.


Understand The Brick World History!

Another peaceful day in the brick world, but wait! There is an attack from the Villain Mad Creator! He is trying to take control over the brick world with his fellow friends,  you should start getting ready to help out the citizens from the attacks of the Villain, but before heading out to the battles you need to understand the game basics such as movement and how to attack, so make sure you are reading our LEGO QUEST & COLLECT tips to know how things work here, in order to move forward you will need to tap on the floor location you want to reach, and the Lego will move there automatically.


Awesome Combat Mechanism!

Now since you understand exactly how to move from one point to another, the time has come to teach you how to attack during combats, and now in order to perform attacks you will need to tap on the bad guys and the LEGO will start attacking automatically as well, and in order to increase your attacking damage output you will need to use LEGO QUEST & COLLECT cheats, to enable yourself to generate an unlimited amount of coins to purchase new weapons and gears.


Use LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Hack to Unlock the Latest Game features!

And now mad creator has escaped his prison, you will need every single help from your Lego friends, and in order to save yourself the time and effort during combats and take control over every single LEGO you will need to tap on the blinking button on the right side of the screen to turn on auto control, which will let the movements and attacks be done automatically, also using LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Hack will give you the opportunity to generate unlimited amount of resources to improve your team powers.


Start Unlocking New Legos to Fight With!

In order to swap between characters during the combat, you will need to tap on the character portrait on the left of the screen and you will take control over the selected hero, each one of them has his own unique powers and abilities so make sure you are using them wisely during the fights, and after each successful completed adventure you will get to gain experience points, which will come in handy to help your Legos to advance in level and become stronger, and the further you get into the game the more Legos you will be need to be added to your team, so start using LEGO QUEST & COLLECT Cheats in order to earn the needed resources to unlock the strongest Heroes Avaialble.

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