Kung Fury: Street Rage Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Kung Fury: Street Rage Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Use The Kung Fury Street Rage Cheats TO Get the Necessary Number of Resources for Free!

Enjoy a newly version of the famous Kung Fury game that is coming now to the mobile devices with tons of new characters to choose from and higher playing quality, get the Kung Fury Street Rage cheats for optimal results.

Kung Fury Street Rage was created by “Hello There AB” company and it is available to be played on the Android and IOS Platforms.


Game Introduction.

A simple cinematic video is waiting you at the beginning with pixels all over the screen since the graphics level is very low at such a game, but here we go in the Kung Fury Street Rage guide with more details as this is our job at this website we usually take the games that we are supposed to review out more seriously and go through all of its features.

This game was created to simulate the old video games that we have used to play when we were kids so everything is similar even the starting scenes as it will be asking you to insert a coin in order to play the game, and if you do not tap on any part of the screen you can watch a tutorial of the kung fury eliminate out the enemies from both sides, coming up next at our review the controls with more depth.

Endless Mode for Fun Chasers.

Choose between two available playable modes the first one is the endless and as the name says, it has no limits and you are there at the street fighting the villains for no goal or purpose, the only target and fun in this mode is competing between you and yourself to beat your previous highs core and prove that you have been improved a lot since the last time, you can also learn new combos and techniques by testing them out at this mode since there are no limits or restrictions to your plays.



Perfect Storyline.

second mode we got here is the story, and this is very complicated mode and will take you in a great story line that was written by greatest writers out there, enter the story mode and enjoy having goals and targets to complete since you are no longer fighting around pointlessly, and right here it is recommended to follow our Kung Fury Street Rage tips as it will take you through the fastest ways to get the mission accomplished in almost no time and also the benefits will be huge as it will almost cost you nothing.

Your First Mission Ever.

Starting the storyline at a random place and you were expecting to enter the beach but I think this problem is related to the hacker man as he hacked you to the wrong place, according to his algorithm calculation it seems like that you have just ended up in the wrong place and someone has hacked up the hacker man and destroyed all the algorithms.

And now this is clearly a trap and all you need to do at the first move is to get the Kung Fury Street Rage cheats.

Get The Kung Fury Street Rage Hack to Reach Your Goals.

Black beach and this is your first mission ever, you can see the amount of lives that you have right at the top of the screen and each hit you will be receiving will result in a decrease of the amount of lives that you have and once they reach zero you will drop down dead, use the attacking buttons on the right and left bottom corners of the screen, and also do not forget how the Kung Fury Street Rage hack will help you in achieving your goals successfully.

If you have ever failed the mission out, you can always retry once more but you will have to start right from the beginning of the mission and not from the last point that you have reached.

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