Knight Saves Queen Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Knight Saves Queen Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Welcome to one of the most innovative puzzle games out there, this one is simply going to take your brain thinking system into a whole new level, thanks to the various features and challenges which were created by a decent development team.

Meet new friends and walk through different lands all over the game, experience new challenges and brain storming puzzles which will require hard work from you to get it solved, but actually we have got a solution for everything, and that is including the idea of using Knight Saves Queen cheats in order to get them coins which will serve your purpose and make it reach a very decent destination.

Knight Saves Queen was created and published by “Dobsoft Studios” company and it is available now to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Info.

The game begins by giving you two options to choose from, there are two knights one in red color and other in purple, actually the difference between them is not clear at all, but there is a good sign that you can switch between them later on, and this decision is not permanent.

Personally we have gone through the red knight with the quest to save the queen, but let’s ignore any other visual things and focus mainly on the gameplay with all of its details, and that is how the Knight Saves Queen guide that we usually create for other games go through.

General Tips.

The goal in the game is to defeat all enemy pieces and rescue the queen, the mission seems to be very smart and understandable there are no impossible challenges, since the game creators been focusing on putting a solution for every part of the game.

For now, let’s practice with some dummies on the actual challenge because you are not ready yet to enter a real challenge and put someone’s life at the stake, so follow the instructed Knight Saves Queen tips carefully.




The practice is very simple but we will move in step by step over its different parts because it is very hard challenge, the movement of your horseman is illustrated in white squares, you are taking the exact path of the chess games, the hose is walking in the L shape only, so try not to get yourself trapped because you have to take the right steps in order to reach the queen at the end.

Consider the Knight Saves Queen cheats to have enough coins which will allow you to save the queen for good and become the savior of the kingdom.

Playing Techniques.

The move markers shows all possible moves and attacks, the moves are in white color and the possible attacks will be highlighted in Red squares, in each level you will have a set number of moves to save the queen, always try to move as low as possible because this will control the reward system that getting into your system, also if you believe that the moves are not enough, you can purchase extra moves with the coins which we have mentioned earlier the possible ways to increase your stock of coins easily.

With Knight Saves Queen Hack, You Will Save the Queen in No Time.

The king is the only piece that can jump over others to move and attack, the knight simply doesn’t obey the rules of obstacles and can go through anything at any time, thanks to his great powers.

But we have been speaking about the attacking moves but we never mentioned the defensive cautions that you must put into your considerations.

The pawn enemy attacks the quires diagonally below it, and remember that enemies will only move if you land and a square they can attack! Do not forget also to capture all the enemies before you do any attempt to save the queen, and with Knight Saves Queen hack you shall find the right path.

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