Kitty City: The Great Bath Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Kitty City: The Great Bath Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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This is a game that will take you in a journey through the various events where you will be supposed to save the cats out and help them to rebuild the city once more to and make it great as you will be going through many obstacles and challenges but that is not as easy as you are expecting because the city was completely destroyed and it has gone into ruins, work on crafting new items and compete with your friends over becoming the greatest ever, get Kitty City The Great Bath cheats right away as you will be enjoying the several available features.

Kitty City the Great Bath was created by “Jam City, INC.” company and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS.


Once upon time there was a very peaceful city full of cats living in peace and loving each other, the daily events were going so stable and nothing was interrupting their actions as everything seemed so smooth and lovely but actually something weird has happened and a cat astrophe struck out of nowhere, and everything seemed lost, the meteor missed the city, but the danger was far from over, because there was no escaping the great bath, the city was washed away and the water has been flooding in every corner and the citizens started to live a nightmare that has no end, as they have lost all their houses and their hope to live a better tomorrow, but in this Kitty City The Great Bath guide you will be finding many several ways to rescue the city out from the crisis they are living, it is up to you to resume the kittizens and rebuild the kitty city once more, and by rebuilding we mean getting everything the same it was before and make them enjoy the normal life once more.



First Mission Ever.

Help MEWO-T! please find something that can get it down as she is trapped from the waves of water that are exceeding every limit and putting every life at risk, that is your first mission use the rope on the bottom left corner and try to put the cat down, and there will be a reward for completing the mission actually, and everything there is well placed to motivate you and keep you going on forward, but somehow the farm went and became so messy and that is a very bad thing so you must be knowing that such a mission is very hard, so how to clean it out is by using the brush and try to clean out the farm and make it look so shiny.

Drag the brush across the farm to clean it, the farm looks so good as new! let’s clean the other buildings so we can start using them again! Tap the silo on the right side of the farm to clean it once more, we will be able to store food supplies again! now let’s clean the warehouse, keep following the guide at the game exactly as he tells you, because the information that you will be receiving out shall become so useful, since their city is gone but we can rebuild! it first let’s help our kittizens to rebuild the city and make it look great again.

Help The Cats to Rebuild the Cities Once More.

Learning how to harvest is something very necessary, use the Scythe on the left side as well in order to start harvesting successfully, getting the resources and doing this process over and over again will help you to actually do another planting process and increase your income rapidly, that is something very important and you should do it regularly more than before, consider also getting the Kitty City The Great Bath cheats to cover up your spending over the past period, the wheat will be ready in a minute, for now I bet there are other kittizens who need your help out.

There you must be searching for other cats falling in trouble around and follow the given Kitty City the Great Bath tips in order to be able to help them to survive through this hard time, as baker ranchos cannot escape the water and his donut is starting to sink, using shovel to get the trapped cat out is very important though to be honest.



Rebuilding Is the Hardest Task Ever.

Next step in rebuilding the city once more is getting the bakery ready to produce bread for the citizens and other bakery products, as it will cover up their hunger and make them feel much better now, drag it around to find a suitable place because it will never be established if you have something blocking it out, tap the shop to purchase a building, Tap the finish now! button to complete construction now, our fellow kittizens must be fed in this time of need, let us bake bread for them.

Drag the loaf into the circle to make bread as this will be the first product getting out of this bakery shop ever, but it will consume time in order to get it done, using the Kitty City The Great Bath cheats will allow you to get the right items to speed up the process of generating the bread and make the action happen instantly but that is something you should get used to due to the big amounts of gems that will be held right at your pocket, later on here we will be illustrating several ways as well to get the gems without going through the hard way.

Using The Kitty City, The Great Bath Hack Will Let You Enjoy the Game to Its Limits.

Our animals will be hungry as well, we need to find miller! you unlocked a cat! tap the button to begin milo`s rescue, try to help the Miller Milo out as she is stuck, so can you lend him a Paw?

my donkey Odie is exhausted from the great bath, but if you get him a carrot, he will have the strength to kick this off me, you have a quest tap the quest icon to learn more about your guest, Quest screens show the items needed and the rewards you will ear for completing the quest, use the golden Grains to harvest 8 wheats at the farm, get the Kitty City the Great Bath hack to have enough items to proceed from one level to another.

If you advance from your one level to another, there will be rewards waiting for you, the rewards will come in a form of carrots and cow feed, but these items should be easily obtainable as you can get them by getting Kitty City the Great Bath hack and choose any number of gems.


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