KeemStar’s Fidget Spinner Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

KeemStar’s Fidget Spinner Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Remove Ads And Get Tons Of Cash By Using The Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner Cheats For Free!

Your favorite new game is finally here but this time it is on your pocket device, start tapping on the screen and increase the speed of your spinner to receive higher amount of cash and unlock new milestones, use the Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner cheats to you out with this process.

Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner was created and published by “ProjectorGames” Company and it is available on the Android and IOS stores.


Quick Intro.

If you have heard of the famous fidget spinner game then this game will be so familiar to you, then this will help you to have the game right on your device with a single click without the need to purchase a one and carry an extra load around wherever you go.

Right here in the Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner guide, we shall be expressing the features of the game and help you to be fully aware of the gameplay to reach and score the highest scores possible in a very limited period of time.


The gameplay is actually very simple since the only thing that you will be doing is tapping on the screen and that is it, there is nothing you are going to do there once the game starts, and since our duty is to deliver the best experience for you then you should be knowing that the game screen allows you to use multiple fingers in order to move the fidget, tap repeatedly and very fast on the screen and the spinner speed shall keep on increasing which will result in increase of the current cash, speaking of cash, keep in mind that you are going to see a simple UI that was created perfectly to suit the new players and this type players whom are not looking for complications, read more important Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner tips down below to keep you on the track of becoming the greatest spinner ever.



Simple UI.

The UI is very simple as you are able to see the spinner located at the middle of the screen and at the bottom of the screen there will be the upgrade center which we will be speaking about later with more details.

At the top left  corner is the place that is responsible for the speed, it will record the top speed that you have reached so far and also your current speed will be shown there according to the speed of your taps over the spinner, that is something you would love to keep a track of the speed of your spinner.

Smart Methods To Increase Your Cash Stock.

On the right side you can see your current cash which will only crease once your fidget spinner starts to run around and that is the main purpose of the game actually, run as fast as possible and do many spins as possible, the spins counter is located right at the top right corner as well below the cash account balance, you can also use a boost to suddenly give your spinner a huge increase of the income by watching a quick game ad, also the Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner cheats will get you the booster without having to go through all the ad process.

Use The Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner Hack To Upgrade Your Fidget Spinner Freely!

Coming to the upgrade center and that is where the magic is being cooked, First upgradeable attribute is the Friction, decrease the friction of the spinner as it will allow you to spin much easier and smoother, also you should be decreasing the weight of the spinner as much as possible for an easier process of spinning and chance to reach new top speeds, last upgrading section is the force, and that is the power of the tap and how it will affect the spinner once you tap on the screen.

Purchase new spinners with much improved attributes by getting the Keemstar’s Fidget Spinner hack, and no worries all the cost is paid.


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