Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Increase The Experience Rate and Receive Tons of Diamonds Using the Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend Cheats for Free.

Enter a great mission to turn your childhood best friend into an attractive and handsome boyfriend, but there will be many obstacles waiting for you overcome them with Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend cheats.

Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend was created by “SEEC Inc.” and it is available through Android and IOS stores.

Gameplay Introduction.

Game begins by giving you the instructions to enter name for your character, and this will be the heroine`s name with alphanumeric, try to be shot as possible because you are given a room for 10 characters or less, you can change it in the settings later on whenever you would like to, and we will be also going deeper into the settings menu in this version of Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend guide trying to make the game much clearer as possible.

Right here on the upcoming segments the game will be simply explained with all of its story details, so if you have the time and willing to become aware fully of the storyline and how this game was created then feel free to find this information listed down below on upcoming segments.

Stop Them from Bullying Nao.

First scene is for a boy crying and someone is bullying him because men are not supposed to cry over anything according to the person whom is bullying, but out of nowhere the tomboy appears and tries to rescue Nao so they bully decided to run away to escape their lives from Tomboy.

And then a quick conversation will take a place between them as NAO is trying to ask from tomboy to give up on him and stop protecting him as it is causing her to fall into troubles and create new enemies and that is completely out of her business by miles.



The Separation Between the Best Friends.

Nao promises you that no one will be bullying you from now one and she shall keep you safe, she has decided to that because you have been together always through your childhood and people been teasing you due to your over shyness levels and the quite personality of yours and that is something that requires from you to take a stand and put an end for the bad boys around.

But after the graduation from the elementary school, Nao has entered a boy`s middle school and you could not go to and from school together anymore, because of this the schedules no longer matched up and you gradually stopped hanging out together.

Time to Break the Walls.

But after entering the high school together, Nao’s personality had become dark and his negative vibe kept people away from him, and even his old best friend tried to approach him, he seemed to avoid everyone and few menthes passed out but we could no longer get along like the old days, but one day a chance game.

A staff of the school came to announce that there will be a beauty contest and they are looking for entrants, and in order to make sure that you are winning it, consider the help of Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend cheats.

Get The Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend Hack for Higher Experience.

The time has come to put an end to the walls between you and Nao, so ask him directly for his cellphone number so you could manage to contact him for a meeting at the same room tomorrow, the game has added an option to share the latest progression photos to your Facebook page to receive extra items which could come in help for aiding the relation between you and Nao, but anyway we are totally sure from the quality and power of Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend hack and how it will be changing your methods entirely.

Also do not forget the full review as there are several important Jimi-KareーMy Quiet Boyfriend tips to fasten up the progress as well.


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