Ire: Blood Memory Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Ire: Blood Memory Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Ire Blood Memory Cheats Has Finally Saw the Light, Increase Your Gems Stock Significantly for Free Right Away!

one of the top rated games of all time in Korea so do not expect to find some joke waiting for you once you finish downloading it, this is a brutal Action game that gets you back in time where swords and shields were the main weapons in the combats, take out the evil powers by raising your own step by step or maybe even save the time and effort and use the Ire Blood Memory cheats right now to receive all of them gems for free with a simple click on the link down below.

Ire Blood Memory was created and released by “TENBIRDS” company and it is available to be download on the IOS or Android platforms.

Quick Introduction.

after you use the Gmail account to login to the game, you shall be proceeding into the next stage which is the character selection, there are several characters available and each one has its own unique powers and abilities to use in the combat so read our Ire Blood Memory guide and do not skip any part as you could be missing out huge information.

First Part Related to Classes.

Blade: A warrior with very large sword suited for smashing and destroying he opponents, an all-round weapon with super damage dealing we usually recommend this build for beginners as it can work out in all the several situations that you could be getting yourself into but if you were a little bit advanced player or had a previous knowledge about such type of games then keep reading the upcoming list.

Gauntlet: Blades fixed to gauntness equipped to each arm and they are actually huge and deal much higher damage than most of weapons and they are very fast and swift as they will be giving you flexibility and freedom of executing various acrobatic moves in the combat.

The Second Two Strongest Builds.

Lance: Reach out and touch someone someone, this will be coming up a shield to repel attacks, a great option for warriors seeking a versatile offensive defensive weapon, this one actually looks scary and it is very balanced as it can be blocking or reducing the incoming attacks by using the shield, and also once you block an attack and the opponent in a shock state, prepare yourself to lay down attack with your own spear, use the Ire Blood Memory cheats to improve the powers and equipment of the character.

Dual Wield: Dual Wielding weapons will simply slash and smash anyone you facing instantly, this build was created especially for anyone whom is seeking for a fast and high damage attacks, using the dual swords to execute attacks and reach higher combos for higher output destruction.

Improve Your Heroes Powers with The Ire Blood Memory Hack.

Each Character you will be choosing has it is own unique attacking skill technique so you can be checking on them by taping on the character build then going to the view button that Is located right under the character avatar, and once you have finally decided which one will be your main character prepare to find a suitable name to use inside, remember that you can maximally enter 20 characters and the special characters are prohibited, do not forget to use the Ire Blood Memory hack as your best friend in the different combat situations inside.

Learn How to Execute Combos Quickly.

quick controlling Ire Blood Memory tips can be found right at this section, so if you finding any trouble with the game controlling settings then it should be fixed right here.

at the start using the directional pad located on the left bottom corner to move around so just use the left thumb and start dragging into your own favorite directional and the character will move instantly accordingly, and now you can see the combos for each build and how to execute them combination attacks frequently and they all are based on the amount of taps on the green and red buttons.

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