Immortal Conquest Cheats, Hack, And Tips [Guide]

Immortal Conquest Cheats, Hack, And Tips [Guide]

Immortal Conquest Cheats To Make Your Game Just Awesome!

NetEase Company has brought this game into the life after months of waiting, the game is available to download on the Android And IOS platforms, this is a terrain based strategy game, which brings a new understanding and vision to the most common strategic games out there on the market, start fighting in a real world map, with awesome new places to discover and conquer.


Your mission is to create a large army to start going on raiding conquests, start gathering resources from all over the map in order to help you with your goal on becoming stronger and reach your destination much faster, get the opportunity of taking the control over 2 million locations, to be fair the game has got so close to the optimal version of any strategy game we could get to witness on the market lately, now let’s move a little bit closer to the Gameplay and how the game actually looks like from the inside, once the game starts you will get to see a map full of different cities that was brought from old civilizations, and the game tutorial will start with giving you a brief about the history behind every single city and its pros and cons, but you can skip all of that by using the Immortal Conquest cheats which would come in handy In order to help you to have better understanding over the cities and the game over all.


Start Conquering New Cities!

Now we going to let you know every single detail about each city, Athens one of the world’s most ancient cities is located here, it is said that the city is protect by the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

You will be moved now to select the location where you going to establish your homeland and build your own influence, during the loading screens there will be free Immortal Conquest tips at the bottom of the loading bar so make sure you are reading them carefully they will help you later on the game, also a quick information you should be considering, the total cost for the deployed generals in a troop cannot exceed the cost limit, and also note that people`s belief in the gods has never changed but in the era of peace, seems to have been in the past.


Pray For The Gods TO Stand By Your Side!

In order to start your mission to compete on conquering a continent, you will be in need of the gods, so get ready because the war may break out at any moment from now, so make sure you are using Immortal Conquest hack to unlock the latest features at the game, back to the Immortal Conquest guide in order to make things clear for you before entering your first battle, people in this world believe that Delphi is the center of the world, only until it is occupied will the continent by fully unified, the continent is torn by the chaos of war, you must work hard on unifying all the states to get under your control and bring the peace back, and who can help you better with achieving such a goal other than our Immortal Conquest cheats which was developed specially to serve you and destroy every single obstacle you going to face during your playtime, now start following the oracle in the hero’s` blessing, to create an enduring foundation.


Immortal Conquest Hack To Unlock Many Game Features!

You should know where exactly your next location will be and choose the city you going to conquer carefully., you should put goals and targets with a simple plane as well, now let’s get going to conquer the city you have chosen carefully and also you could use Immortal Conquest hack to help you know the basic  tips to know which city is the best to conquer, so now order your troops to march on the city to occupy it, so now you will get into the battle scene for your first time and you will get to see that your army is standing waiting for your commands to perform

at the battle, and also be noted that you will be victorious once the enemy`s rear unit is eliminated.

Easy Controls and Helpful Game Tutorial!

Understanding the basics of the combats is such an important thing at this game for the beginners,  that is why we do recommend you to follow the Immortal Conquest cheats and understand the weakness of your heroes and even your enemies as well, the heroes in this game have attack range which is a something you need to put on mind before getting into the battle, since their normal  attack are only effective against enemy`s hero within this attack range, and if your enemy troops are far away from you, you will need to command your troops to move few steps forward, now the battle shall begin and you will get to see some outstanding graphics and attacking animation, you also have the full control over every move that happens during the clash, so make sure you are winning every battle you join with using the help of our Immortal Conquest hack which will generate an unlimited amount of resources which will help you to become stronger and make winning battles such an easy task.


Amazing Rewards and Gifts after Each Successful Mission!

It is very important to understand how the rewarding system works in this game, after each single victorious battle you enter, you will get the chance to receive resources which are consisting of, wood, iron, food, and Helios, and the most important thing is the experience points you gained, these resources are the back bone of your empire, so make sure you are providing your city and army with the required resources in order to improve and become much stronger and create more troops to your army, and in order to understand the best way to get these resources make sure you are following and using our Immortal Conquest cheats.

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