ICARUS Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Unique Strategies

ICARUS Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Unique Strategies

ICARUS Cheats To Enjoy The Coins You Ever Wanted!

This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “Livezen corp.” the game was released on 30 July. Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices in order to help the humans defeat and to bring the victory against the aliens, also using the ICARUS cheats will provide you with coins to get all the upgrades that are possible for your ship.


Story Line!

Humans who believed they could conquer the universe just felt helpless and was looking forward to seeing a new hero! Survival of humans! It’s an unavoidable destiny to overcome! Now all the fleets are assembled! Pilots sally into the enemies to defeat the invading aliens with your courage and wisdom, so you will need to exert all the power you got inside your body to start saving the world from this evil attack of the aliens, you will need to use the different ships and to work on upgrading them with the coins you are getting after each level and map you are going to play, and to get a perfect amount of coins you can use the ICARUS cheats.


How To Control Your Plane!

By reading our ICARUS tips you are going to know how to control your plane with the pilot, in order to move you only need to touch and drag ship to the direction you want to move, nothing else with just simple controls you are going to safe the humans and the universe from the aliens invasion, and put in mind that every profile has each ship and score points and stats, you cannot change once profile is created, coins and wings are shared among all profiles, deleted profiles cannot be restored, and with the usage of the ICARUS hack you are going to dominate your enemies with the powerful weapons you are going to get.




The Different Stats For Each Plane!

You have too many ships to use and to get, every ship has its own stats, and to increase your stats you will need to upgrade specific things such as Rookie stage, shield recharger, recover up and revival wing, these was for the energy of the ship, and if you want to upgrade its weapons you will need increase your ship’s shield defense, max HP, attack power, special attack power and SP refill speed, each one of these will need to be updated several times and each update will cost you some coins so in order to refill your pocket with the coins you can use the ICARUS cheats.


Start Working On The Important Stats!

There are too many stats to be worked on the ship such as:

1-Attack power: the weapons become stronger as you get more combo count by destroying the enemy planes consecutively.

2-SP system: the SP gauge is filled gradually as the enemy planes are destroyed and you can unleash a powerful attack to the enemy by using up the accumulated SP gauge at once.

3-Power attack: tap on the button to use strong laser attack (SP will be used up at once).

4-Special weapon attack: tap on the button to use special weapon (SP will be consumed per second).

And to increase your power you can start getting the different wings for your plane, and to get a countless amount of wings you get the ICARUS hack.

Start Putting Your Hands On The ICARUS Hack To Get A lot Of Wings!

As each level and map, you will need to fight against the different aliens and their boss’s, and another thing you need to consider is that there will be too many traps set specially for you to stop you moving forward against the aliens base, and finally with reading our ICARUS guide you are going to know how to defeat the different enemies with your ship and how to avoid all the obstacles on your way.

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