Hypersensitive Bob Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Hypersensitive Bob Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Hypersensitive Bob is roguelike sky-stage crawler where Bob battles his bunch types of hypersensitivities.

Some extraordinary circumstances may require Lobotomy or Surgery – even Laxative may end up being vital for Bob’s survival. Plunder antibody vials, find insane thing combos and experience floods of adversaries.


– Roguelike gameplay with 64+ things to make each run extraordinary

– Tear sensitivities separated with InhaGun 2000

– Loot immunization and lift Bob to amazing magnitude

– Discover overwhelmed thing combos



– Various adversary sorts, frightful minibosses and furious supervisor battles!

Sway has a sensitivity of everything. Sway additionally has companions that offer a similar disastrous fate.

Bounce’s frantically crazy building aptitudes consolidated to his dissatisfaction to his detached way of life have reproduced a weapon never observed; InhaGun2000

Bounce and his companions have had enough – It’s the ideal opportunity for some genuine desensitization

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