Hockey Dangles’16 Magnus Cheats, Tips and GamePlay

Hockey Dangles’16 Magnus Cheats, Tips and GamePlay

Are you a big fan of hockey games? Are you ready to live the thrill and start to become a real player?

Want to become a champion and get all the spot light but before taking the first step into this journey you need to relies the pressure that comes with it, you have to make the right calls and move into the right position and watch out for your mouth at the press conferences after matches because this in Hockey dangles 16 Magnus you will get to live the real life of a hockey player.


Select Your Favorite team and start the competition!

In Hockey Dangles 16 Magnus you are being offered a big teams pool up to 12 teams from the French league one of the best leagues at the game, you are getting the control over one player only in the team so you are starting from the bottom and you will get into the starting eleven players straight away it takes time until you prove yourself worthy to start in and impress your coach wait for your moment and once you get the chance to touch the ice do your best and impress the coach and the fans to secure your position in the starting lineup for the next, the journey does not end here you have got a long road ahead of you as a talented player the bigger you get the higher the responsibilities that are on your shoulders gets heavier.


Lead Your Team to The top of the table!

Now you have secured yourself a position in the starting lineup time has come to pay back to your fans and show them what you are made of, start meeting different teams from all over the country and play on different grounds which are perfectly designed by the game creators we have enjoyed the visuals of the ice field, now you are playing and thousands of fans cheering your name asking you to lead them to the glory and win the League for them!

Every each win you guarantee you get extra points that will help you to improve your team and move you up in the table ranking system, also you can spend some coins on upgrading the team’s roster and improve your stadium for bigger income from the fans that coms to watch your matches at your home games!

Control the player like never before!

In Hockey Dangles 16 Magnus the controlling system is so fluid, anyone can adapt to it so fast, it is the same as a gamepad there is the directional stick on the right part of the screen at the bottom and at the left side there are the shooting passing containing through buttons.

We have enjoyed the controlling system it took us few minutes until we got used it so you will like it with no doubt.


Challenge the World!

Yes there are leaderboards and every point you earn at this game counts so stay focused and try to win as many matches as you can to become the best hockey player and manager in the world.

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