Hero Fighter X Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Hero Fighter X Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Any Number of gems Could Be Obtained Through the Hero Fighter X Cheats for Free!

A strong game that was created and released by the famous gaming company “Marti Wong”, the main purpose of the game was to take its user back in time to remember the old good days that was spent on the video games machines, but this one is coming in 2017 with all of these improved features to obtain it right at your pocket since it is available on the Android and IOS stores, but after all make sure that you are using the Hero Fighter X cheats to cover your needs to become stronger.

Modifiable features of The Game.

Previously we have provided a quick intro about the game letting the users know what is the game is based around to know exactly what they are getting themselves into, but here we will go a little bit deeper and cover the features and settings that you can customize out in order to make the game user friendly as much as possible and that could be done simply in few clicks, so read the following Hero Fighter X guide carefully and do not miss out a single line.

At first the language is very important in the games since if you were playing a game that is not coping out with your own native language then you will face several issues understand the missions or the game as an overall and that is something you can modify here, the game is coming in two languages the English and Chinese so we do believe that they are the biggest 2 languages in all over the world.

Learn The Basics in 30 Seconds.

We have covered now the most important feature of any game which is the game language, we will be moving next now to the game and how it looks from inside, but first you should know that the game music is very annoying and we didn’t enjoy it at all, consider disabling it by tapping on the music icons on the bottom left corner at the main menu, a single tap will shut it off entirely for good.



Touch Anywhere TO Dive into The Battle.

Touch to start the game, and here is our version of how to control your hero in the battle, at the left side you can find the direction pad which is responsible for the movement directions of your hero, and if you wish to increase your movement speed to running speed then double tap on the prefect running direction that you want and the character will instantly start running none stop, you can find some more of these Hero Fighter X tips right here and they will help you out to learn the game without even having to download it.

The Next Move.

Now I think you are ready to move around but there is something important still missing which is the special techniques and moves in the battle phase, you can four colored buttons at the right side of the screen and each one of them is responsible for a special move, let’s start with the blue which is for the special attacking skills and they will deal some of them high damage attacks but for a limited period of time, increase the damage output with the help of the gems that will be obtained through the Hero Fighter X cheats.

Get The Latest Gears with The Hero Fighter X hack.

The second color we got here is the Green which is here for the guarding purpose to provide much higher defense whenever things start to become messy, right next to it you can find the attacking button in red color and this for normal attacks, the damage is not that high out from these moves but still will do the mission, at the end you can see the orange button and that is there to help you jump over any obstacle, and now you are ready to jump right into the deep of the battle but get the Hero Fighter X hack and purchase the strongest gears then you would be good to go.

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