Hackers Cheats, Tips and Strategies Free Cash

Hackers Cheats, Tips and Strategies Free Cash

Get ready to dive into the space of the hackers where the a new world exists beside the one we currently living in, the hackers space is so complicated and only the ones with enough experience and guts are able to join it are you brave enough to invade their world?

Then get ready with the right information first and get the right gears for the mission before you dive into the sea you will need to learn how to dive and get your oxygen tube otherwise you will end up drown and sleeping with fishes at the bottom of the sea the same rules applies to the hackers Cheats world.


Get ready to invade the privacy kings!

The hacking world is so scary in Hackers you will get the experience of real living hackers and start brain storming like a maniac because you will find many troubles and you are risking your own device and your own security because once you mess up with the wrong people they will come back searching for seeking revenge and they will hit you very hard that might end up losing all your personal data.

Build up your security to protect yourself from invaders!

You have to setup your defense well to help you stand the continuously attacks from other hackers which are seeking expansion of their own knowledge and area so building defense before attacking is so important .


Upgrade your hacking weapons!

Every network you take down in Hackers you will get bonuses and extra coins and you will also steal everything you want from this network and will become yours, you are simply taking control over it so you will have the ability to improve your arsenal, and with coins you earn from the attacks you will get the power to go to the shop of hackers and buy new weapons maybe even upgrade the current once.


Experience outstanding storyline system!

In Hackers there is a unique storyline system that works perfectly that you will never get bored out of it so you will get glued to it once you start the first mission there are many modes and types of missions first mode is the terrorism mission where you get to help the terrorists groups all over the world with upgrading their weapons system and rocket system and hijack some high intelligence secured ministers in different countries this is a risky job that requires a talented hacker and strong hacking tools to match the difficulty of the missions .

Second mode is activist missions where you are a man who supports freedom and fighting against capitalism and your mission is take down the economics of the countries that are based on capitalism system and you are spreading your word all over the world through hacking important websites and networks.

Help your Homeland in war!

Your country is at war and it is seeking for every single help from her children here comes your role when the call of duty comes you should be ready to help the country and hack the enemy country and destroy their networking system


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