Gun Strider Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Gun Strider Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Do you love action games?! I mean REAL action, Gun strider will satisfy your hunger, Once you download it you will be addicted to it, It is Beautiful and fun game to play, It has decent graphics and you will not get bored easily unlike any action game.

Corrupted cops are here; they are chasing you, attack and kill your enemies before they do.

All the civilians in the street pray for your victory!

Gun strider is a FPS game (first person shooter) that you will enjoy playing, you will feel that you are the matrix because you can kill the enemies faster than you will ever imagine.

The game was created and developed by DreamMotion Inc.

It requires IOS 6.0 or higher and compatible with IPhone, IPod and iPod touch for apple devices and of course Android make sure you are reading our Gun Strider Guide for Optimum Results.

Game Introduction!

The tutorial is much summarized and also helpful, and it covers parts of the screen.

The tutorial also indicates that in the bottom of the screen there an icon named skill shot, when you are up against many of the enemies Skill Shot can come handy, with skill shot you can attack multiple enemies on the left or the right at the same time!

Skill shot can be used and it can be charged by killing the enemies gradually.

If you are outnumbered and there are too much enemies around you and they will almost kill you and you want to kill these enemies at the same time, then it’s time for using Bullet time located in the bot of the screen, You also use Gun Strider Hack to get coins to purchase new weapons, , You begin the game with a pistol with 1 power but you can purchase the m9 with gives +3 power, Bolt-19 with +3 power as well and +1 Bullet Time duration and The LMG-38 with gives you +2 power and +5% gold bonus.

Start Shooting With Style Using More Than a Finger!

When you kill the enemies bonus points will be acquired according to the type of the enemy.

When you use bullet time, time will dramatically slow down so you can easily attack your enemies, also triple bonus points will be given for the killed enemies.

There is so much variety in the weapons and with each weapon comes special ability such as gold bonus and miss shot cover.

There is some bonus gold coins called Attendance Bonus you will get it at you play the game for example the first day you will rewarded by 3000 gold coin, the second day will get 5000 gold coin and for the third day there is 10000 gold coin.

Keep the killing Chain UP And Use Gun Strider hack For Extra Coins!

The point of the game is getting chain kill combos as much as fast as you can.

In the ordinary and at the beginning you get 10 points per each corrupted cop and 12 points for each armed soldier and 14 points for each the strike force that you will kill and these points will increase according to many factors.

When you kill more than 10 respectively corrupted cops bonus point will be added by 10% and after 20 chain kills the bonus points will be increased to 15%, and after 30 chains kills you will get another 5% bonus points so it will be 30% and so on.

Missed shots will be exempted if you have enough miss shot cover icons so feel free to give a shot.

There are innocent civilians in the battlefield calling for help, so be careful enough not to shoot them, If you shoot innocent civilians penalty point will be given and you will be paralyzed for instant, So do not kill them by accident!

The number below the enemies is the number of shooting needed to kill the enemies, for an example corrupted cop needs 1 shot, armed solder needs 2 shots and the stick force needs 3 shots and they increase as you go forward in the game.


 The Simple UI And Controls Suits Everyone!

The control here is so simple and very entertaining thanks for the stylish dual gun action.

Just tap the enemy to shoot him you can double tap to get double kill, if you like to play fast you can just tap as fast as you can it will not let you down just enjoy.

Slide left or right from the player character to use the Skill Shot!

In order to activate Bullet time, just hold the player character!


Upgrade Your Gear And Become Stronger!

You can use Gun Strider Hack to get new abilities and features such as upgrading your precision shots, it gives you +1 power same for the Reinforced shotgun that gives you +4 skill shot power, There is also Beat The  Time that increases the Bullet Time’s duration, Ample Bullets for +1 skill shot count, Quick reload for charging speed, indulgence for +1 miss shot cover, unearned income for +5% gold bonus, one more time for +1 Bullet time count and last but not least Two Hearts that gives you extra life.


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