Guardians of Fantasy Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Guardians of Fantasy Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Put Your Hands On the Guardians of Fantasy Cheats and Get Unlimited Amount of Diamonds!

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “GAME Dreamer Limited” the game was released on 18 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the earth from the demon’s attack and their lord, also make sure to use the Guardians of Fantasy cheats to get provided with all the diamonds you need to progress faster in the game.

Choose The Most Suitable Role That Fits Your Style of Play!

In order to start the game, you will need to choose a character from the different characters the game provides you with, these characters are:

1-Warrior: god of power, using infinite slash to strike at enemies., and the excel at absolute defense and no one can break their shield.

2-Mage: the power of the Barlog has awoken, their devastating magic can destroy everything, the death itself has awoken, they are the apostles from hell.

3-Shooter: the thunder god has awoken; the unstoppable arrows will destroy the entire battlefield.

After choosing a role from these roles, you will need to enter your name in order to begin, and finally make sure to read our Guardians of Fantasy tips we are going to mention in the titles to understand the game before you even start it.

Meet Your Sister and Say Goodbye Because You Are Going On a Mission That You Might Not Come Back Alive from It!

Alea The Inn Owner is going to tell you that what? You just said the demon legion attacked us and you beat their lord? I know, you just had another heroic dream!

Well you got the hint! You are the chosen one to stand against the demons! As a guardian of justice you should no longer under protection, but stand in the way to keep others safe!

You are a true guardian when you fully understand your dream, go and don’t forget to visit the priestess, she will help you!

Give The Priestess a Visit to Check How True Is Your Dream!

By visiting the priestess and ask her about your destination she is going to reply you with that her dream says that the demons will try to conquer humans but you will defeat their lord and bring salvation, it’s for that a coincidence for us to have nearly identical dreams! That means that something is going to really happen!

And always remember that she’s is the priestess she foresees what is going to happen, now try to get yourself stronger in the twilight forest, it’s a place for greenhorns like you, keep reading the guardians of fantasy guide now.

Team Up with Your Friends or Random Players and Defeat the Different Bosses Together!

The most enjoyable part of this game is teaming up, you can always call your friends or even call a different players that are playing the game from all over the world to team up with you, you can all do a specific mission to help yourselves finishing it, you can also fight together against the different bosses in the game, and always remember the more risky the more rewards you and your friends are going to be rewarded with, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Guardians of Fantasy cheats to get unlimited amount of diamonds to progress faster in the game.

Use The Guardians of Fantasy Hack to Unlock New Features!

If you cannot get yourself stronger than before, if you cannot get yourself stronger friends and you cannot enjoy the different mounts to ride the game provides you with, and you also cannot get the different pets that will always stand beside you and attack with you the different monsters, you can always remember to get the help from the Guardians of Fantasy hack to a countless amount of diamonds that will help you proceed and achieve your dream and that is defeating the demons and their lord.

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