Guardian Codex Cheats, Hack, Tips [Codex Credit]

Guardian Codex Cheats, Hack, Tips [Codex Credit]

Guardian Codex Cheats And Strategies To Obtain Credits!

This is a an new game that has finally made it his way to the light after few months of the development work, get ready to go forward in the future and start the journey trying to bring peace using and finding the supreme Guardians via the Codex program, which was designed to help you to take complete control over your own guardians at the battles, and since the world has splatted up and chaos has taken over everything living in this world at that time, the mission will not be easy to reunite them, so make sure you are using the Guardian Codex Cheats in order to generate yourself the required resources in order to accomplish this hard task, the game is available to download for free on the Android And IOS devices From SQUARE ENIX , It was created by the famous  gaming company and the also the creators of the amazing guardians Crux game.


Simple And Basic Instructions!

A very beautiful girl scouting out a cave with her magic wand working as a torch to light her way through, she will find out a very weird puzzle, once she touches it, a huge strong guardian will get summoned out of it, we are going to offer you some free Guardian Codex Tips in order to understand the game and go further in it, they will be random and not connected to each other but if you kept them in your mind you will be able to achieve something big, be noted that you can lock your favorite guardians to make them easier to find and select, and make sure you are using friend points to draw mini grabs, but you can only draw one grab per day for free if you wanted to do more so you will have to pay, but we can help you to overcome such a thing without paying a single penny, all you have to do is just start using our ultimate Guardian Codex Cheats which will generate you an unlimited amount of resources for free, also you need to know that sphinx the empress is a sacred beast that protects royal tombs, and make sure you are collecting 10 fragments of the same guardian in order to create new one.

Quick Game Introduction!

Welcome to the world of codes, we are going to show you how the battle system works, at the bottom of the screen you will find your allies during your stay at Guardian Codex guide, now let’s try to destroy some enemies and see how the attacking system works, the guardian on the left of the screen will start attacking first, and you have 4 guardians first one from the left is Nike, Noida, Vampire, Cathleen, now you will click on the desired guardian to invite the attack then click on the preferred attack type, you will find a normal attack icon, Hard slash, and Hard leaf, but these skills can change from a guardian to another, since every single one has his own unique spells and abilities to show at the battle, but you can get unlimited amount of guardians easily by using our Guardian Codex cheats which going to provide you with the secret ways to collect the required fragments to start summoning the strongest guardians in the game.

Keep Your Eyes On The Manna Bar!

Attacking your enemies is a normal thing but you need to watch out for your manna gauge before trying to cast any special ability, since every single one will consume a decent amount of the Manna Points, but they will regenerate any way after a period of time depending on your level, so make sure you are using the Guardian Codex Hack to have unlimited amount of Manna During the Battles, now we are moving to the guardians attributes, so keep your eyes on them, and now let’s take a look on how these attributes affect each other.

Get Strong Enough To Stand Against The Multiple Waves!

The game is based on the waving system, you will keep fighting wave after wave until you get to meet the final boss, at our first few moments of the game  we got to face our first boss ever at this game, and it was huge and ruthless, his name was Apocalypse Beast,  it had a very large Health Bar, and his damage output was lethal, in order to beat him you will need to read our Guardian Codex Cheats Carefully, and also save before you reach the boss make sure you are having enough manna points because you will need to cast all your special abilities on him at once, and as we have mentioned before in order to have unlimited amount of Manna points you will have to use our Guardian Codex Hack.


Use Guardian Codex Hack To Unlock The Latest Game Features!

once you are done with the tutorial, you should be able to go on with the game events and understand the basics, now you will find yourself in a very weird lab and there is a tech girl talking to you about how good your performance was at the tutorial, and she will mention that having you on their side with your such powers they will be able to achieve a lot, the game is offering you a very nice feature, which is allowing you to ask questions and select your preferred answer and each one has it is own consequences, in order to understand your purpose of playing this game and the story behind you, start using the Guardian Codex Hack which will help you to answer all your questions.

Create Your Own Legacy!

now you should be entering your name that all the game save and progress will be saved to but do not worry this name can be changed later on different stages of the game, and you will receive your first mission after speaking with your assistant Lynn, but before getting into battle make sure you are paying a visit to the guardians tab to start discovering and organizing your own guardians, each one has his own unique ability so depending on the mission type and difficulty you should make up the guardians list that will be following you up with you on the next upcoming mission.

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