Grand Prix Story 2 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Grand Prix Story 2 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Them GP Medal with Grand Prix Story 2 Cheats for Free!

Become the new team owner and compete in different challenges, take care of all the departments of the team facilities as you have to become a successful manager at any cost, use the Grand Prix Story 2 cheats to reach your goals easily.

Grand Prix Story 2 was created by “Kairosoft Co., Ltd” company and it is available On Android and IOS Stores.


Game Intro.

Before you step into the game, make sure that you are reading the terms and rules, agreeing to them is something necessary as the game will not allow you to proceed into the next phase unless you agree to them.

The game is coming in four different languages, they are the most used languages globally so no matter what, you will find a language that you are feeling comfortable with it, since you are reading this Grand Prix Story 2 guide right now, then we are expecting that you can read English which is the default language in the game.

There are many annoying ads which we didn’t like about the game as it forces its users to start investing into the game in order to remove these ads but with the Grand Prix Story 2 cheats we are pretty sure that you will manage to get rid of them and also get tons of medals freely, keep on reading to learn more about the game.

Quick Intro.

One of the cool features that we have found at the game in the android version is the ability to exit the game from inside, and they have added it for the old devices which are not supporting the auto close function to save the device battery and ram.

But right now, tap on the screen anywhere to start playing it right away and remember to complete the racing team registration successfully.



Team Creation Process.

Choose a decent color for your team, there are several colors would will be painted over the racing cars, but that is for now the first phase of creating the team, now the team owner details shall be modified depending on your preference but here are few characters available with their own history.

The first one is the trader, his main ability is accounting. He started the career as a salesperson, and made a fortune selling wares, very persuasive, expert negotiator who is sure to keep your team`s finances in good order, special skill is to gain extra funds from nowhere, find more Grand Prix Story 2 tips about picking up the character.

Choose The Right Character to Own the Team.

The second character that you could choose to own the team is the researcher, worked for a major car maker in the past, but lost the job after blowing up their lab, nevertheless has lots of know how when it comes to vehicle design, special skill gains extra research data and would help you with improving and upgrade the team`s cars easily without much of effort, also you can easily change the gender and age of this character to match your reality exactly if you wish.

Upgrade and Improve Your Team Quality with Grand Prix Story 2 Hack Freely!

Cook, this is the most famous character in the game, he is a chef who embarked on a journey to discover new ingredients and accidently developed an interest in racing, cook’s wonderful food that makes everyone happier and boosts up the team moral. His main special skill is restoring the stamina of the racers and make you race for longer periods.

Last but not least the Pirate, a seadog who got marooned after running around, getting a new ship is no easy master, so switching to cars was the better option for him, he has a sense of finding treasures and his main special skill is to get the extra items, combined with Grand Prix Story 2 hack, this man will become unstoppable having the strongest racing fleet ever.

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