Go! Medina Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Go! Medina Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Live the life of joy and hop right over your surfing board and compete with the most talented surfers from all over the world, and use the Go! Medina cheats to cover up your needs of consumables and secure a place at the top ranking table.

Go! Medina was created and published by “SOMA Soluções Mobile Avançadas Ltda EPP” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on most of the Android and IOS platforms.

Meet Gabriel Medina.

Hello, this is Gabriel Medina, he is a world surfing champion on the past few years, so you must be aware of the type of person whom is talking to you, things will get better as he decides to start taking the responsibility of teaching you how to surf the waves incredibly, so you are being taught be the best and we are expecting you if you managed to follow his instructions carefully is to become one of the greatest surfers all over the world in no time, so are you ready to become his apprentice?

Do not worry about learning the advanced moves and techniques, as this Go! Medina guide was created at the first place to save you the time of following other people`s advises, right here we are trying to gather and pack up all the important information that anyone new to this game would need, so keep on reading.

Simple and Smart Controlling System.

Previously, you were introduced to Gabriel and his surfing skills so we believe that we must jump directly into the sea and stop wasting time as much as possible, follow the given instructions carefully as they are mentioned, a single mistake could lead to complete disaster that is why we tend to put any failure chances aside.

First thing to do is to hold the device with both hands as the two sides of the screen shall be used situationally, your thumbs must be ready almost all the time, find extra valuable Go! Medina tips down below.



Double Tap TO Activate Super Special Maneuver!

the left thumb should be in harmony with the right one, as you are taking the surfer to higher levels on the sea wave and that will require some balance from the other side, remember that also your special bar has an available load after expecting some normal surfing moves, so you are now aware of the charging method to this bar.

But now in order to execute or start using the charged powers on this special bar we are recommending you to tap with your two fingers on the screen at the exact same time and that is when you will get to see an explosive energy coming out from the board.

Keep an Eye Over the Tube!

Sometimes things could get out of the control and tube might swallow you and this will simply end your run, there is only one simple way to overcome it, which is keeping the board always on the move or you will fall down to it.

Keeping control of the pace and movement speed is a skill that will start developing and increasing as the time passes by, so consider getting some help from Go! Medina cheats.

Unlock New Maneuvering Moves and Techniques with Go! Medina hack.

And now as you have learnt the most basics of the game, so we believe that the time has come to compete in some professional challenges and step up the game.

On the league you surf with great talents, important tip: use the consumables to improve your performance, and you can get these consumables by having the Go! Medina hack always by your side, it will provide you with the necessary and important consumables without having to pay a single penny return, and currently we pretty sure that you are reserving your spot at the top.


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