Gladiator’s Immortal Glory Cheats, Tips and Guide “GAMEPLAY”

Gladiator’s Immortal Glory Cheats, Tips and Guide “GAMEPLAY”

Get ready to go back in time where you could be captured and get sold as a slave and wake up someday in a big arena and thousands of romans are surrounding you and you holding a sword and shield in your hands and getting ready to fight for your soul and the more you kill the more you pleasure the audience.

But something is different about Gladiators immortal glory Cheats is that you are the owner you are the own who owns the gladiators and you will have control over them in the fights as well but you are taking care of everything they do outside the fighting battle field.


Train The Gladiators Make Your Own GLORY!

Yes you are getting control over the gladiators and you can sell them to other gladiators houses or maybe buy a new one starting from your own gym that is located at your headquarter and ending with the beds they sleep on, you have to take care of them so your money doesn’t go to waste.
Every fight you win you earns money to upgrade your gym and the training ground which will help you to improve your gladiators.

There are three types of gladiators first one is the recruit which is very weak and still at his early days you have to invest on him because you don’t know which gladiator has a bright future ahead of him who will bring the glory to your house.

Second type is Warrior, this type of gladiators is very brave and has small experience at combats before and he is strong enough to join battles at his own.

Third type is the Hero this one is the top tier gladiator at the game this gladiator is a previous winner of the Olympian competition once he wins a challenge and reaches the finals and beats the opponent he earns the title hero, you will need to do everything to keep him safe and healthy and well trained at your house.


Choose the right strategy at the battlefield!

Choosing the right direction and the right movement at when to attack and when to defend is a crucial part of the game since Gladiators Immortals glory is a real time based combat system that you are controlling everything your gladiator does at the battle.

We have found the energy boosters so important in this game since it helps you so much with winning your combats so easy so you will have to save money and coins to unlock them and purchase as much as you can for faster development in this game.


Challenge your friends and show them who the best is!

Yes you can invite your friends to join the game and start playing and making their own houses and hire their own gladiators they will start training them pretty much the same you do, you can invite them to join you into a battle to show off who has the best gladiators at his house and who has the best tactics since the game is based on tactical moves!

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