How To Get Free iPhone 7 – Win iPhone 7 “Specs and Features” [Video]

How To Get Free iPhone 7 – Win iPhone 7 “Specs and Features” [Video]

The new iPhone 7 is the latest craze of iOS and Apple fans out there. Even before it went on sale on September 16, lots of people have already lined up outside the stores in different countries just to get their hands on the new unit that Apple is bragging about. There are new features that smartphone lovers would love about this new one. Although, there is one feature that people have some mixed feelings about it. This one is the absence of the jack for the headphones. I will talk more about that later. Allow me to give you the details on why the new iPhone 7 is awesome. And as you read on, I will let you know how you could get free iPhone 7.


Check Out The New iPhone 7 Physical Specs

  1. Outward Aesthetics: There are five colors available and they are in rose gold, gold, silver, black and jet black finish. I would personally go for the jet black because it sure does look classy and timeless. Plus, should Apple release a new phone in the near future, this one won’t easily look obsolete since black is a classic color.
  2. Memory: You can have it in either 32 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. This is how huge the capacity of this iPhone can handle. But if you want the jet black finish, I’m afraid the 32 GB is not available for it. 128 GB and 256 GB are the only ones available for that particular color.
  3. Size: I would have to say that the iPhone 7 is wider than the previous ones. This one is 5.44 inches long and 2.64 inches wide and .28 inches thin. You can tell from those numbers that it is very light when it comes to its weight. This one weighs only 4.87 ounces. It could fit anywhere in your purse and in your pocket.
  4. Display Monitor: Its monitor has this 4.7-inch retina HD display, which makes watching videos even more awesome. You would be able to really see the colors and how vibrant the pictures and films are with this phone. It has a whopping number of 1334 x 750 pixel for its resolution, so prepare to be in awe when it comes to its graphics! You can zoom in whatever it is that you want zoomed in without compromising the quality of the picture.
  5. Coating: This unit brags that it is fingerprint-resistant due to its meticulous coating.


New Features Of The iPhone 7

  1. Water-Proof: You don’t need to worry about damaging it when it gets wet, because it is completely water-proof! But not only is it water repellant, it is dust resistant as well.
  2. Camera: With a 12 MP camera, you can assume that the quality of your photo would turn out like a pro took it. You can zoom it up to 5 times. I personally love the fact that its lens cover is made of sapphire crystal.
  3. Video Filming: This enables video recording for 4K at 30 fps. You can also take pictures with the resolution of 8 megapixel while filming a video!
  4. Screen Sensor: This phone can now detect the user by memorizing or programming a fingerprint on it. This is located on the home button.


With all these latest tweaks that Apple did to this phone, who wouldn’t want to have a free iPhone 7? It is just sad for many because it is pretty expensive. In America, this smartphone still costs $649! But do you know that there is a way to get the iPhone 7 for free? Well, allow me to walk you through this information.

Get Free iPhone 7 By Upgrading


Many if not all major phone carriers in the United States allow their customers to upgrade their old smartphones to a new iPhone 7 free of charge, but you would still have to pay for the monthly fee. This is just a way to do it if you want to walk out of the store with your iPhone 7 at hand without having to pay them with cash worth almost $650.

So how are you going to go about this deal? It is pretty simple. First, you just have to be sure that you are subscribed to a carrier who would allow this kind of deal. Take Verizon or AT&T for example. You have to have an old phone with them and you need to agree to subscribe to this new deal for two years.


This means you will pay a monthly service fee with them and that would be taken out of your credit card. If you agree to commit with a phone carrier through that, even when it means it would take you a long time to be tied with them, then prepare to walk out with a brand new and Free iPhone 7.

Basically, what happens is that you give to them your old phone in which you get a credit worth $650 for doing that. You will only pay about more or less than $30 a month for the service, which in my opinion is not bad at all! Some phone line deals could go up to $50 the least.

Prerequisites When Trading Your Old Phone In Exchange For The Free iPhone 7

  1. Your old phone that you plan to exchange for the iPhone 7 has to be in good condition. You cannot trade in your old phone if it is cracked or damaged, especially if it doesn’t turn on. You will have to show them that it is working fine and free from any flaws at all.
  2. You have to be the sole owner of your mobile, which means the billing and all its papers must be under your name.
  3. Leased phone are not qualified if they are not paid in full. If you are still paying for it, then I’m afraid you cannot get credit for the price of the iPhone 7.


Sample On How To Get Free iPhone 7 From A Service Provider

I have here an example of phones and a company that will allow you to use this deal to get a free iPhone 7. Let us first start with Verizon. If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can straight up trade that into a new iPhone 7 because that is equivalent to a $650-credit. If you any of the iPhone 5 series, you can still trade it, but you can only get $450 for the credit. You can also give up your Android phones, but there are only a few of these units that Verizon allows like the Samsung Galaxy S6 series. You will be able to get at least $300-credit from the said Android smartphone.
I would advise that you call your local service provider for the deal that they have when it comes to trading in your old phone to get the iPhone 7 for free. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, I am pretty sure that phone companies will have this offer and it would only depend on some areas like the kind of old phone that you have and how long would you plan to commit with them.


Conclusion and Reminder

Keep in mind that subscribing to this deal means you have to stay with the company for two years to pay off the credit or the exact amount of the new iPhone 7. I hope you share this information to your friends and loved ones who would want to get Free iPhone 7 today!

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