Gang War Mafia Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Gang War Mafia Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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A 3D First Person Shooting game that makes the playing experience on your mobile or tablet very smooth and easy and that is a rare thing to find in the mobile industry specially at the FPS games, it is also bringing this amazing feature which is the cross platform matchmaking which means that you can get matched against another player from other platforms at the same match and that is something you do not get to find a lot in the games now days.

The game supports the Local matching through the same network or playing online in a global matching system, still you can also play in single player mode against the bots and their AI level is very high you will find it challenging still, use the Gang War Mafia cheats to ensure that you are accessing all of them weapons easily without any problems.

Gang War Mafia was created and published by “VTC Academy” and they have published it to the Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Intro.

This is Elena, she will be your new instructor to teach you how to play this game and learn the hidden techniques, you can also expect from reading our Gang War Mafia guide many important and valuable information that you would have never find it anywhere but here.

The first section we will be speaking of is the game controls and how to move around in the area and followed up with the combat and aiming styles so stay tuned.

Move Around with A Smooth System.

Starting with the movement part, use your right hand to drag on the screen in order to rotate the camera in various angels, And now once you have the freedom of looking around the time has come to aim at the red focus that is shown on the screen, keep following the different red focuses in order to pass the starting tutorial successfully, and now use your left hand on the left bottom corner in order to move the directional pad to start moving, use the moving pad combining with swiping on the screen to change your character main direction.



Techniques to Follow During the Battles.

During the battle, there could be a small problem which is running out of ammo or you are very short in time that you cannot afford to reload the current weapon, then you can simply overcome this problem by dragging in swipe to change the weapon on the top right corner icon, and each weapon you are selecting will be showing the amount of bullets that contains and magazine size, follow our given weapons Gang War Mafia tips to know the strongest and cheapest weapon available at the market.

Obtain The Newest and Strongest Weapons Using the Gang War Mafia Hack for Free!

Now the firing system, hold or tap on the shooting pad to fire out with your weapon, you can also drag shoot pad to aim and shoot at the same time to safe yourself the effort and time, remember that the shooting system will require some training from you in order to get used to it, but do not worry as this is one of the easiest systems out there in the FPS games as a whole.

Obtain the strongest weapons to make the aiming system much easier and improved damage with the Gang War Mafia hack freely.

Blow Your Enemies Groups Using the Hand grenade!

Keep close look at your health bar and armor percentage as well, do not forget to use your grenades when there is a target is shooting at you and you cannot reach, the grenades will simply solve this issue for you, in order to get new items and gears in this game you must be purchasing spin boxes, get them freely by putting your hands over the Gang War Mafia cheats and enjoy the free rewards without any limit.

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