Game Of Earth Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Game Of Earth Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number of Resoruces You Desire by Using the Game of Earth Cheats for Free!

Take charge of everything that happens right on this new planet which can be called Earth 2.0, start improving and dodging the common mistakes that has happened in the previous version of the earth and also make sure that you are making everyone`s dream is to come and live in this new place, try to eliminate these evil capitalists and stop them from growing bigger and bigger because you are the commander!

Work hard to provide a clean environment and make sure that your citizens growing numbers are calculated and going as planned, use the Game of Earth cheats to get less polluted air and better houses for the citizens.

Game of Earth was created by “PIXIO” company and it is available to be downloaded on the IOS or Android platforms.


Welcome to game of earth, you are now leader of this country and here are the most important Game of Earth tips to keep you going and get things ready to start the new project.

First let’s start over with the controls and make sure that you totally understand every part related to the controlling mechanism, take a look at your calendar, this is designed specially to record how many years you have been ruling and leading this earth, and right next to the calendar you can simply find the Citizens counter or in other words the population of the planet is simply counted for every new birth it will get updated instantly.

Fir A Better Lifestyle Increase the Eco Buildings in The Country.

As the population is growing up this means that your citizens are looking for places to live in and that is when your mission as a commander comes, start constructing buildings so your citizens would live in, and remember that whenever your citizen count grows to a certain number, Bobby the builder will ask you to build one of two buildings, Eco buildings give out less carbon emissions but they will costing more to build, these are very healthy and will be providing a healthy life style for the people of your world, if you have enough money make sure that you are using them all over and nothing but these safety buildings.



Try to Decrease the Industrial Buildings.

The other type of buildings available is the industrial buildings, they are great for the economy as they will not cost you as much as any other tie would be, but they have higher carbon emission which means that the city air will get polluted and this means much lower life quality, we could only suggest you to use it if you are running low on money, but make sure that your country is having both types of buildings the green and the purple but after all the choice is yours.

Listen to Other Characters Suggestions Carefully.

At the bottom side you can see the three characters, each one is risible for a role at the country and if any of them has a suggestion there will be a lamb sign right above his head so make sure that you are hearing them out because there could be an idea that will improve the life quality as a whole over there.

Remember that you are as a leader you need to reject some ridiculous proposals and accept the good ones, so the game is giving you the complete freedom to choose between accepting or rejecting, no matter actually as if you have ever committed as mistake you could be solving it out easily with the usage of Game of Earth cheats.

Improve The Quality of Life Using the Game of Earth Hack.

Tight security at the country airports as it will discourage wealthy tourists, allow wealthy tourists to bypass security for a small fee, and as you can see the game is taking care of the smallest details, so do not forget to use the Game of Earth hack to increase your balance, and also it is recommended to read our Game of Earth guide.

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