Fun Run Arena Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [FREE GEMS]

Fun Run Arena Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [FREE GEMS]

If You Looking For Tons of Free Gems, Start Using Fun Run Arena Cheats Right Away.

Join the over 80 million players who loved the previous two versions of the game, get ready to an updated version with better game features, jump up and slide down fight your way to reach the final line, remember reading the full article to benefit from the Fun Run Arena Tips we providing.

This game was created by “Dirtybit” and it is available for free on the Android and IOS platforms.

Customize Your Attack Weapons!

Customization is the most important thing in this game, you will be getting notified by the game if there are any sales on certain items types at the game, you can simply start customizing your character to look the way you exactly want by using the in game gems, which can be purchased by real money, but we do prefer to keep things as simple as possible that is why we created the Fun Run Arena Cheats.


Learn How To Play The Game.

While running with your character through the race and battle, you might face some obstacles, you should be fast enough with clicking on the jump arrow on the right bottom corner, and if the obstacle is way too high, you will have to start pressing on the jump button repeatedly until you reach the top of it, and in order to dodge the obstacles that are lying from the roof, start pressing on the down arrow, it will let your character to slide beneath the obstacle and the surface, and in order to break a wooden surface to get down to the floor level -1, you will have to press Jump and Slide then you will break down the wooden surface, make sure you are reading the full Fun Run Arena guide we are providing here.


Intense Combat System!

The combat system is so complicated so pay attention to every word we will be mentioning, the gam contains many power ups, you can also use Fun Run Arena Hack in order to enjoy the game with colors by generating gems.

Speed Booster: there are two types of speed boosters at this game, the first is the metal booster pad that is located on random places on the map, and the other type is the one you take as a power up from the random boxes which boosts your speed for a certain amount of time.

Rockets: and they are picked from the power ups boxes, and can be used to launched at the player you choose.

Storm: the storm will hit every single player on the race but only the ones whom are behind you already will not be affected by the lighting strike.

Shield: which will grant you a protection from all attacks for 4 seconds, this is very good if used carefully right before you enter the finish line or once you see the sky turning into blue and a lighting strike about to happen.

Magnet: it works by pulling back all the players whom are in front of you, the ones behind will not get harmed.

Traps: there are two types of traps in this game, the first one is called bounce trap and each player who will happen to hit this trap will get shoved back with a powerful punch coming out of this box, and the second trap is the Explosion trap, it is a floating trap that can explode and kill all the players on the race.

Flying rocket:  it keeps selecting a different player each 2 seconds so make sure you taking your time before launching it to hit the desired target by 100%, remember using Fun Run Arena hack in order to generate the gems you want to upgrade how the power ups effect looks like.

Use Fun Run Arena Hack for Extra Character Customization.

Communications in this game are simple yet effective, you can use the saved templates such as” Add me. If you dare”, “Wow!”,” well played”, “good game”, or start using a certain emotion from given 6 different emotions to express your feelings right after the race is finished, you will also be recovering a small amount of coins, but purchasing new customizable items is not going to be such a cheap thing, that is why using the Fun Run Arena Cheats is a must thing to do.

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